The Pre-Birthday Celebration

February 24, 2007

My birthday is on Monday (the 26th), but Michaela took me out for dinner on Friday. We went to my favorite restaurant, Ric’s Grill. The food was incredible as always. I had my usual: the Caesar Salad and chicken fingers. I know… quite the odd choice of order for a steak house, but trust me, it’s the best caesar salad you will ever eat.

After dinner, Michaela gave me some awesome Birthday presents. First, a new backpack… which is great, as I’ve been using one of Mandi’s old backpacks for about the past 10 years, and it’s practically falling apart. Among other things (Blockbuster gift certificate, finally!), she got me a “Sonic Impact” iPod travel stereo system. This thing is awesome. It’ll be great for taking to the cabin and playing music by the fire. Here’s a picture of the white model (mine’s black):



After dinner, we were supposed to go to the Rockets’ game, but I’ve had the flu for about two weeks now, and we decided to just head home and have a relaxing night instead. I took a few pictures of Michaela. Isn’t she hot? 😉

So, I see Anson Carter was traded today, again. This is the seventh trade of his career. That’s quite the accomplishment for a 31 year old. I’m still bitter about the fact Carter turned down the Canucks’ 2 year, $4.4 million dollar contract, thinking he was worth much more. After teams were hardly breaking his door down, he ended up signing a one year contract with Columbus for $2.5 million. Today, Columbus traded him to Carolina for a measly 5th round draft pick. When most teams are giving up 1st round picks and high-end prospects for this year’s top rental players, this goes to show just how little interest there is around the NHL for Anson Carter. He’ll be lucky to get a contract even remotely close to $1 million per season next year. I bet that offer the Canucks made is looking pretty good now, eh Carter?



  1. sounds like a great birthday!! you got some pretty kool presents. The back pack was MUCH needed…hahaha that thing was ugly 4 years ago…i can’t imagine what it looks like now. LOL

    anyways…hope you are having a good birthday weekend!


  2. Smolinski to Vancouver is being announced by Ecklund. Guess you were right.

  3. Hey,
    I have that ipod thing too, it is awesome

  4. Yeah, ever since I saw yours at the cabin last year I’ve wanted one! It is awesome.

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