Trading Deadline predictions

February 24, 2007

Based on our current hockey pool standings, I guess I can officially say I’m the most knowledgeable hockey fan of the family. I currently sit in 1st… yes, I’ll say it again… 1st place. Where’s the rest of the fam? Dad is in 5th, Tyson is in 6th and Grandpa is in 10th.

So, being the incredibly knowledgeable hockey fan that I am, I’m going to throw out my opinions on what the Canucks’ should do on trading deadline day.

The biggest needs right now are obviously a center (to replace the injured Ryan Kesler) and a defenseman able to play top-4 minutes.

The most likely trade is with Chicago for Center Bryan Smolinski. Smolinski is an NHL veteran, and I believe the Canucks’ could use one of their three 2nd round picks to aquire him. Smolinski is capable of playing both an offensive and defensive game. He’ll fit in perfectly on the Canucks’ third line between Markus Naslund and Jan Bulis.

The Canucks’ should also try to aquire Los Angeles’ Aaron Miller. Miller is a tough, defensive defenseman with many years of experience. He may be a little harder to acquire, but if the ‘Nucks could grab him for a 2nd round pick and low-level prospect, I’d say go for it. More likely, however, would be for the Canucks’ to go after a player like Washington’s Jamie Heward. A 2nd or 3rd round pick should be enough to pick up Heward.

Here’s to hoping Nonis acquires somewhat of an upgrade without giving up prospects Cory Schneider, Luc Bourdon, Michael Grabner or any 1st round picks.


One comment

  1. Rumor has it the Canucks have been going hard after Aaron Miller during the down time of the managers meetings. I dont expect any kind of deal will go down before monday as LA will listen to everyone before pulling the trigger. As in past years most deals will go down on the final day but will be in the works for a while.

    As much as I would love to see Smolinski here I think it is far more likely he will end up in Atlanta. Atlanta is a team with a much deeper pool to draw from in terms of prospects and their need for depth at center is much more dire than Vancouvers.

    Although he has a no trade clause in his contract and has only publicly stated he would go to Toronto or Detroit, dont be surprised if the Canucks go after Gary Roberts on Tuesday. He gives the team needed grit and leadership but most importantly experience that the team is sorely lacking. If the Canucks do land Roberts its going to cost them Schnieder. It is believed that Florida has inquired to find out what it would take to land Schnieder.

    As far as rental players go I think Nonis is much more likely to trade for a player with years left on his deal. In comments Nonis made on the Team 1040 morning show Nonis feels that his experience of being burned at the deadline has taught him a lesson other GMs still need to learn and he feels he will benefit from this at this years deadline.

    Although he is making almost three million dollars Nick Boynton has been mentioned as a possible acquisition. Vancouver has well over two million dollars to work with at the deadline. The Aquilini brothers are better owners than the McCaw group and might even foot the bill for Chouinard or Santala to take a breather down in the minors. What Phoenix would be looking in return for Boynton, I have no idea. Because of his salary and how he has fit in for Phoenix it could be as low as a second round pick and third round pick.

    A few of the possible names to end up in Vancouver are: Miller D – LA, Heward D- Was, Sean Hill D-NYI, Ken Klee D – Col, Kevyn Adams C- Pho, Mike Sillinger C – NYI.
    Finally a long shot but worth a look if they could pry him out of Edmonton (if the Oilers finally admit they are sellers) is Marty Reasoner. Edmonton and Vancouver could put a deal together, much like they did with Sanderson and the Jackets 3 seasons ago where the Canucks would allow send Reasoner back to Edmonton after the end of training camp. I think the Canucks would be willing to pay Edmonton a hefty sum for Reasoner as he is exactly what the team needs.

    I wonder what it would take to talk Joe Niewendyk out of retirement?

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