Five meals I can’t live without…

February 27, 2007

caesarsalad1.jpgI love good food, and here’s five meals that, like the topic says, I could not live without…

1. Caesar Salad with Chicken at Ric’s Grill

2. The Crispy Crispy Roll at Momo Sushi

3. The Chicken Club pizza from Panago

4. Spicy Big Crunch Sandwich from KFC

5. The BLT Chicken Wrap from Boomers Bar & Grill

What are some meals that you couldn’t go without?

[Edit: How could I have forgotten wings?!?! As an honorable mention, I’m going to add Honey Garlic and Lemon Pepper wings from Brandt’s Creek Pub to my list of favorites.]



  1. Okay…wait a ;minute…what about my penne pasta..eh…eh….?

  2. The Penne Pasta would have definitely been on the list, but I only made it with foods you can order at restaurants. Get it on the menu at Joeys, then I’ll add it! Haha 🙂

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