The Canuck’s deadline moves

February 28, 2007

sopel1.jpgThe Canucks’ made two very solid trades the day before the NHL’s trading deadline.

They re-acquired Brent Sopel from Los Angeles in exchange for a 2nd round pick and a 4th round pick. Sopel was sought after by several teams, because of his ability to be both a physical presence and powerplay point-man. I’m very happy with this move. The Canucks were in need of another top four defenseman to complement the current group, and Sopel was an excellent choice for that role. He has also expressed interest in re-signing with the Canucks, and that could be a good backup plan if Sami Salo bolts via free agency.

The ‘Nucks also acquired Bryan Smolinski from Chicago in exchange for a conditional 2nd round pick. Smolinski was someone I had mentioned as being the perfect fit for Vancouver. He has the talent to play in an offensive role (a great fit with Naslund), but is also responsible defensively, which enables him to play a 3rd line and penalty killing role as well. Another excellent move, and I’m surprised it only took a 2nd round pick to acquire him.


One comment

  1. Nonis has done a good job I think regardless what happens with the Canucks this season/post season. He has put the tools in place for the Canucks to win with and they have been. Vigneault is obviously the genius behind most of what has happened this year and Luongo obviously has done the rest.

    I have heard so much about the Canucks winning in OT being a bad thing because there will be no shootout in the post season and there will be no 4 on 4. You can see the evidence for why Vancouver is winning in OT as much in the first sixty minutes as you do in the final five. Luongo will outduel the goalie across from him everytime when it is a first goal wins situation. He is so good at keeping his team in the game and even better at giving them every opertunity to win the game. This is why Vancouver is a force the way Calgary was 3 years ago.

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