NHL Quest for the Cup Commercial

March 2, 2007

The NHL has released their latest commercial, this one titled “The Quest for the Cup”. The commercial mixes NHL highlights with that of the new upcoming movie, 300. 300 is my most anticipated movie this year, and the playoffs are… well, the playoffs. Check out this awesome new commercial, via YouTube:



  1. 300 is your most anticipated movie of the year?

    I remember you listed Troy as one of your favorite movies, you like the Gladiator style warrior movies, eh? It looks pretty good, probably a rental for me. I am interested in seeing that shooter movie with Mark Whalberg, and Fracture with Ryan Gossling and Anthony Hopkins.

    Its good that the NHL is doing an integrated campaign both on the ice and off, this type should bring in the US fans. In Phoenix apparently they are having Steve Nash talk up the Coyotes. The fact that the Devils, who have been amazing every year since 1994, cant draw a full house in the middle of the finals, and the Lightning fresh off a Stanley Cup cant draw a full house is a sad state for NHL in the US. Why the NHL is not in Seattle boggles me. The new owners are set on bringing a team in (Penguins? I wish), apparently the previous owners built the building in a way that it couldnt house an NHL team because they hated hockey. They have supported the Thunderbirds well and Everett has been a success as well. I hope it happens, soon.

  2. Well, actually 300 is my second most anticipated movie. The Tranformers movie is obviously the first.

    Yeah, the NHL is really screwing up by not putting teams in areas that are already hot beds, like Seattle, Hamilton, Winnipeg, etc. They keep trying to convert non-hockey markets… which, I think is a mistake. They should be growing the areas where hockey is already successful, and then move to areas like Nashville, Atlanta, etc. How much better does it make the game look when you have 20,000 fans in Calgary going crazy for the team, than in comparison to teams like Atlanta that have half the seats empty, and none of the fans even making a peep?

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