Movie Review: Pirates of the Caribbean 2

March 5, 2007

pirates2.JPGPirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest currently ranks #6 on the list of all-time box office earnings. This is no small feat. You could easily say Dead Man’s Chest is one of the most popular movies ever. I enjoyed the original Pirates of the Caribbean, but I’m not one of the super-fans. Same goes for the second movie. I liked it about the same as the original, maybe even a little more. At times, the first one seemed a bit slow, while Dead Man’s Chest seemed to be more fast-paced. I loved the character of Davy Jones. Johnny Depp, once again, played an incredible Jack Sparrow, although his screen time seems to have lessened.

If you liked the original, you’d obviously love the second movie as well. If not, I’d still recommend watching Dead Man’s Chest. It’s an entertaining movie, and worth the rental for sure.

I’m excited for the third movie, “At World’s End”, which will be released May 25, 2007.

My Rating: 7.5/10



  1. I liked this movie about half as much as the original.

    Everything that was funny about Jack Sparrow the first time around rubbed on me this time. The special FX were great, again, and the story was strong in parts but as soon as I could tell I was being set up for another movie I was disappointed. I left this movie with a huge lack of closure. Granted it is part 1 of 2 but they could have at least closed off more of the first part story. I expected this film to wow me much like the first one did but it didn’t.

    It felt about an hour too long and the open ending, instead of making me long for the third movie, made me wish I hadn’t spent the $10 on this one.

  2. Really? I’m kind of surprised you didn’t like it. I didn’t like Jack Sparrow nearly as much, either, but I liked the rest of the characters much much more.

    I am excited for the third one, and I liked Dead Man’s Chest more than I expected to.

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