Baby Animals

March 6, 2007

dog.jpgIt may not be the most masculine website around, but well… who doesn’t love baby animals? In the running for probably the cutest site on the ‘net, is babyanimalz.com. If you’ve got some time to waste, check out this site.

This post is for the girls like Michaela (and Jason) who come to my blog and want to read about things other than guy stuff like hockey and super heroes.

Link: babyanimalz.com



  1. Hahaha thanks bud. I have to admit, I would rather read about baby animals than your odd homosexual obsession with the transformers. I mean really, what’s more masculine than a 25 year old boy playing with transformers.

  2. But seriously… what is more masculine than a combination of cars, robots and destroying the Earth? NOTHING!

    Haha, and I wish I still played with Transformers, but I sold all of mine when I was a kid 😦

  3. haha you guys are both homo’s…period! but i love ya both 😉

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