Five fads that were so bad…

March 7, 2007

Here are five fads that were so horribly bad that they were almost good…

NUMBER FIVE: Reebok Pumps


In the mid-90’s every kid had a pair of these. I know I did. The only way you could make high-tops better, was give them this little ball (often in the design of a mini-Basketball), that when you “pumped it up” by pushing on the ball repeatedly, the shoes would tighten by filling up with air. It helped your shoes always full good and snug, and were great for sports. The fad never lasted, although pumps are still available today. Maybe today’s fad of loose-fitting skate shoes is the backlash to the tight-as-hell Pumps.

NUMBER FOUR: Frosted Tips


I remember, back in the late 90’s, every guy I knew was getting their “tips frosted”. I never did give in and get this done. I never had to go through the fun process (like the goof in the picture above). I always thought it looked stupid when guys with dark hair would get blonde bleached, that ended up looking almost orange. Why do this? Still, it was popular as hell, and I’d assume the whole boy-band craze attributed to helping other guys look like douches as well.

NUMBER THREE: Tie Dye T-Shirts


The whole Tie Dye t-shirt fad is something I could understand about the 1970’s. It was basically the color of that era. But for these shirts to be popular in the early 90’s? Why would anyone want to wear such a flashy colored shirt? Well, I had probably 25 of these at least. I loved them. I still remember when this local clothing store had a going out of business sale, and had a rack of these for about $5 each. I bought at least 10. Looking back, these are probably the ugliest piece of clothing ever made. Well, almost…

NUMBER TWO: Sport Coats with Shoulder Pads


This is one I just don’t understand. I mean women have made some pretty bad clothing choices over the years (80’s hair anyone?), but this one just baffles me. The one thing women have kept constant for years is they always want to be seen as feminine. Not many women want to come off looking like NFL Linebackers. And the shoulder pads did just that. I half expect women in shoulder pads to start running at me and go for the tackle. What a strange, strange fad.

NUMBER ONE: Parachute Pants, aka Jammer Pants


These were so bad they were good. The best thing MC Hammer ever did was make these famous. As a kid, I loved these pants (although mine were more like sweat pants, not like in the picture shown above). They were so comfortable, it was almost like you weren’t even wearing pants. These unfortunately went out of style in the early 90’s, but thankfully I still had an uncle that wore these up until about three years ago. Nothing like tie dye colored Jammer Pants blowing in the wind on a nice August day at the Cabin.



  1. Uncle Steve loved his Jammer Pants!!!Those guys were like a time warp and they almost held out long enough for the fad to come full circle.

    The only fad of those that I ever participated in was the Reebok Pumps. I loved those shoes, I had them for basketball in grade seven. I made my own tie-died shirt at West Edmonton Mall one year but I dont remember ever wearing it except maybe the car ride home. I remember my youth pastor Anthony getting frosted tips and thinking he looked ridiculous. We used to bleach our hair white or light light blonde and then let it grow out, that was a cool look but it was cut long before it hit just the tips.

    I remember the foam shoulders. Aunty Sheila used to look like she could play full back for the Raiders, same with every other aunt.

    I wonder what fads are taking place right now that we will look back on and laugh. I wonder if Warcraft will be the new Pogs!

  2. What, no fanny pack?

  3. Darren… I said “bad fads”… the fanny pack rules!!

    Haha, but yeah you’re right… it should probably be on the list… but the fanny wasn’t exactly a fad as it’s still going strong! Just check out my Mexico pictures 😉

  4. I remember the tie dyed shirt that uncle mike’s family gave you that had a black vest to wear over top… I don’t know if you ever wore it but i think that the laughs we had about it later on were totally worth the money they paid for it.

    I never had a pair of pumps, but if I had the money, I would have bought 7 pairs – one for every day of the week in all the colors of the rainbow… To match the tie dyed shirt that i would be wearing too.

    The shoulder pads – I think the only time i ever wore them was when you made me stand in net with your orange road hockey pads and you fired street hockey balls at my face in the basement of our old house…

    I would totally wear the jammer pants if there were patterns around for them anymore.. I think the look is so old that you can’t find a sewing pattern to make them.

    Frosted tips are the WORST fad out there, but the guy in the picture that you posted really makes them look bad. lol.

  5. Ah, so m
    any jammer pant memories! Mandi, if you really want a pattern for jammer pants you know where to look!
    I loved tie dyed shirts, I remember making them! That was art man!

  6. Probably you will be interested with it…

  7. They were called Hammer pants, not Jammer pants. MC Hammer made them big in his videos, so they got the nickname Hammer Pants.

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