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March 7, 2007

I bought a new TV yesterday. I found my 32” LCD was too small for our new living room setup, so I purchased a new 42” Insignia LCD Widescreen TV. This TV is massive… much larger than I expected, and it seems so much bigger than the 32”. I got a great deal on the 42”, and sold my 32” to a friend, so the upgrade didn’t cost me very much. Here’s what my new TV looks like:


    Because of some scheduling conflicts in our hockey league (which is not a surprise, as the guy who runs it is a complete idiot), I get to play at Prospera Place next week. Should be fun playing in an arena with 6,000 seats jam-packed with 5 fans. We only have three games left this season, which sucks. Seems like this season really flew by. I’m hoping to get in the spring league this season, if it’s happening. It’s pretty weird walking into an arena in shorts and a t-shirt, in 30 degree weather getting ready to play hockey. I guess that’s how it feels like to play for the Kings or Ducks.

      In case you were wondering, the banner image along the top of my site is now a picture of me. Previously, it was a picture of Rangers’ goalie Henrik Lundqvist. Jason took that picture during my game last Friday.

        I downloaded a couple of great CD’s over the past few weeks. I highly recommend “Cops & Robbers” by the Cold War Kids. Really good rock/alt/pop type of music. Chris Daughtry’s new cd, “Daughtry” is great as well (he finished 4th on American Idol last year, but in my opinion should have been the winner). Most guy’s wouldn’t want to admit it, but Justin Timberlake’s new CD is actually really good. He’s come a long long way from being just some cheesy boy band member. And did anyone see his performance on Saturday Night Live a few weeks ago? It was hilarious! You have to see the skit/song “Dick in a box”… one of the funniest I’ve ever seen on SNL. Click Here to watch the video on YouTube.

          Other really good CD’s I’ve heard lately:

          Corinne Bailey Rae – Self Titled
          Soundtracks to Last Kiss and Miami Vice
          Snow Patrol – Eyes Open

          I can’t wait to watch the NHL Playoffs this year. It’s been almost 4 years since I’ve seen a Canucks’ playoff game. Here’s to hoping the Canucks’ can be this years Edmonton Oilers, and make it all the way to the finals. My picks right now to win the Cup… Buffalo if their injured players recover or Nashville. Teams are so even these days… that upsets can happen so easily. Just look at last year… in the Western Conference, the bottom 4 teams all beat the top 4 teams in the first round, and the 8th place team made it to the Stanley Cup Finals. It makes playoff hockey pools almost impossible to predict.



            1. i wish you would have told me you were selling your tv…I need one for my bedroom because the king is taking up 60% of the room…lol

              My fav artist on the LAST KISS soundtrack is Joshua Radin…amazing artist…good music to fall asleep to.

              I’d have to say my top fav new artists right night are:

              Joshua Radin
              Corinne Bailey Rae
              Kaskade (house)
              The Wreckers (country)

              Diverse yes i know!

              anyways…i assume you were watching the Canuck game last night…and you probably noticed a bra fly onto the ice at one point!? One of the detailers at work was saying in the lunchroom today that his friend from the coast was at the game with his girlfriend. She apparently had too much to drink and thought it was necessary to throw her bra on the ice (hoping that piatt or whatever his name is, would get it)So they were talking on the phone while the noon hour news was on saying about how this is the first time in hockey history a bra was thrown on the ice, and she got all excited cause it was getting so much press time and now thinks the Canucks should botch the white flag ritual and use bra’s instead!? hahah i was laughing to hard…thought you might think that was funny too.

            2. Just to update… watched a couple movies on my tv tonight, and wow did they look amazing. So incredibly happy with my purchase.

            3. Hi There
              Not that I know anything about music, but another really good CD that I recently got was Chris Daughtry the guy who was so awesome on American Idol…you know the one that Taylor “not so good” Hicks beat out!

            4. Yeah I know… if you read up above I said his new cd was really good haha. I heard that Taylor’s cd was awful.

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