That was a first…

March 7, 2007


Last night, while watching the Canucks’ vs. Tampa Bay game, I got to enjoy seeing Jeff Cowan score his 5th goal in 3 games. Not too bad at all for a guy who went 23 games with the Canucks before scoring any goals. Cowan is a guy who probably 90% of even intelligent hockey fans hadn’t even heard of until the Canucks’ picked him off waivers. He’s 30 year old grinder who happened to actually have 350+ NHL games, but still remain mostly unknown.

Anyways, after his second goal of last night’s game, while the fans chanted “COW-AN! COW-AN! COW-AN!”, a female fan threw her bra onto the ice. John Garrett referred to it as “debris”, but it was obviously a very large cupped bra. The referee used a player’s stick to remove it from the ice (as seen in the picture above). I don’t ever remember seeing this happen before. Ladies, when someone scores a goal is your immediate reaction to take off your bra and throw in on the ice? What the heck?

Could this be the next hockey game tradition? Wouldn’t be much weirder than rats or octopuses.


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