Remember This… ?

March 8, 2007

The Orbitz Soft Drink


I remember when these drinks came out in the mid-90’s. They looked so cool that you just had to try one. I still remember the massive regret I had once I did try one. The taste wasn’t so bad… although it had a thick, almost cough syrup type of taste if my memory serves me right. And when those little balls of… well, whatever the hell they were, went down your throat it was like swallowing dozens of round little insects. The whole things just seemed weird and just simply wrong. It was a flavor experience that should never happen. Still, they looked so cool, I remember buying them over and over, thinking… “something this beautiful can’t possibly taste bad”. But each time, it was just as awful.

Here’s Wikipedia’s description of the “drink”:

“Orbitz was the product name of a non carbonated fruit-flavored beverage, made by the company Clearly Canadian Beverage Corporation (makers of Clearly Canadian), that had small edible balls floating in it. It was introduced around 1996 and quickly disappeared because of incidents of choking and bad sales.

The small balls floated due to their nearly equal density to the surrounding liquid, and remained suspended with assistance from an ingredient known as gellan gum. The gellan gum provided a support matrix–something like a microscopic spider web–and had a visual clarity approaching that of water, which increased with the addition of sugar.”



  1. No wonder clearly canadian went under. Orbitz was aweful but they looked cool (Jef and Bec once had one as decoration)

  2. Damn I miss thoes drinks, i used to drink them so much. i wish there were some way for me to get my hands on them again. i would prolly buy a case for them. maybe even a truck full. and maybe thoes people might not have choked on them if they would have stoped adding sugar. like seriously people can take tylonol but you cant swollow a little ball. hell pills are bigger than thoes.

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