My Celebrity Look-a-Like

March 9, 2007

Everyone’s been told they look like this celebrity or that celebrity. I’ve heard I look like everyone from Fred Durst to Keanu Reaves to Hugh Jackman to Brad Pitt. Ok, maybe not Brad Pitt. Haha.

Who have you been told you look like? (Feel free to post your answer in the comments.)

There’s a site called MyHeritage that has a face recognition software program, that allows you to upload a picture of yourself, and in turn, get multiple results of who you resemble. Most of them are ridiculous (I had a japanese guy, two women and even Brad Pitt come back as results), but it does rate them in percentage of resemblance. I was then able to create a picture that shows me and my match next to each other. My highest match ended up being at 64%.

Here’s the celebrity I apparently look like:


So, Ronan Keating eh? I don’t know about that. Some of my other matches included Josh Hartnett, some male model and like I already mentioned, Brad Pitt. I think I like those matches a little better.

If you want to find out who you look like, you can go to MyHertiage’s website to find out. Just upload a large, front-facing image, and then fill in the short account setup form, and it will come back with your results.

EDIT: Click here for Jason’s Celebrity matches. They’re great haha!

I’ve realized this site uses smiles and picture angles above everything else. Oh well, any site that tells me Jason is a 70% resemblance to both a 60 year old lady and a 7 year old girl gets a thumbs up from me.

Michaela got several matches that come pretty close to her pictures, but she never got the person I actually think she looks the most like:



(That’s Mischa Barton, for those of you that don’t watch “The OC”)



  1. Awesome! Looks like I’m a match with the Queen, and some random little girl … good stuff.

  2. In case you don’t recognize them, Jason’s matches are, in order: Christopher Uuckerman 76% (no idea who he is), Ewan McGregor 73%, James Vanderbeek aka Dawson 71%, some 7 year old girl at a whopping 70% resemblance, Donny freakin’ Osmond and Jack Osbourne 70% each, some old lady from the 30’s and super douche Carson Daley.

    Simply awesome.

  3. Here is a picture of all 8 of my matches:

  4. Haha! Matt this site is excellent. Although I unfortunately didn’t get anyone as good looking as Jason’s female matches, mine didn’t turn out too bad!

    Suprisingly got two 80% matches. Although in my opinion, one of the two looks a little bit more like me … you guys be the judge I guess!

    Thanks for all the entertainment hun!

    I love this one aswell! It’s so fun to do pictures where you have a different look, and see if any of the same people come up.

    I got Kate Winslet twice. But I’m still testing different photos. I also got a pretty dead on match with a really beautiful unknown girl. And good old Scarlett … now I guess we know why Matt is dating me!

  5. Alright, so I used a picture of me & Matt together to find out who we look like.

    Jessica Simpson for me! And I think Matt looks just like this celebrity, it’s actually pretty amazing.

  6. Michaela, Almost a Scarlett *cough* *cough*…The second one you did you can pretty much tell it was matching lips. You had pouty lips (Sad from being hungover?) And check out all the other celebs … so do they (But theirs are from injections). I think the first one might have been matching your smile most, check it out.

  7. I love Jason’s. Every celebrity with a big forehead. And was that Donny Osmond?

    Mine weren’t so spectacular either Jason…..pretty much every celebrity with a huge forehead.

  8. poor jason…everyones pickin on you!

    don’t worry chicken poop…they are just jealous! 😉

  9. I used to get Linda Ronstadt when she was younger. But now I get Christina Ricci.

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