Want a great book? Try author Vince Flynn

March 9, 2007

flynn_vince.jpgA few months ago, well-known local author Jack Whyte recommended the Mitch Rapp book series by author Vince Flynn to me. I had been reading different books from different authors, and for quite a while I hadn’t found a series I could really get into. But wow, these books have blown me away. Flynn has an excellent writing style, that both informs you and also keeps you interested and entertained, at the same time. I find too many authors over-describe with their writing, and it just ends up boring me. That’s not the case with Vince Flynn.

Flynn’s series of books are centered around CIA operative Mitch Rapp. Rapp is the world’s greatest assassin, and he’s under employment of the US Government. His job is to hunt down and neutralize terrorists before they can attack the US.

If you’re a fan of the TV series 24, then you will love these books. Vince Flynn was actually hired as a consultant for 24, and the character Mitch Rapp was the inspiration for 24’s Jack Bauer.

There are currently 8 books in the series. The first book, however, does not include Mitch Rapp, but several other characters do appear. You could skip this book, and head straight to the second book in the series, Transfer of Power.

Here are the current books in the series, and I recommend reading them in order, as the later books do reference earlier storylines.

1. Term Limits (Mitch Rapp does not appear)

2. Transfer of Power

3. The Third Option

4. Separation of Power

5. Executive Power

6. Memorial Day

7. Consent to Kill

8. Act of Treason (just released in Hardcover)

So, if you’re looking for a great new series, I highly recommend you check out Vince Flynn. Start with “Transfer of Power”, and enjoy the read.



  1. I have been reading some pretty wonderful books lately too.
    Two by Wally Lamb,”Shes’s Come Undone”, and “I Know This Much Is True”. Both are incredibly moving and emotional books. You feel so enlightened and powerful after you read the stories of these people struggling through times you couldn’t even imagine going through.

    I am also currently reading a book by Rohinton Mistry. It’s called “A Fine Balance”, and is a story about four people surviving the 1970’s in India. The story is reminding me a bit of one of my favorite movies at the moment. (Water)

    I would totally recommend these books if you are looking to invest in something more meaningful then your regular fiction novel.

  2. I haven’t read much of these types of authors. I used to be heavily into James Patterson books when I was killing time working at the Security Shed to save up for university. I hated Da Vinci Code. I though the dialogue was so poorly written that I had to stop reading the book thinking the movie would save it for me. It was a terrible movie too.

    The last great books I have read are: “Hey Nostradamus” by Douglas Coupland and “Everything is Illuminated” by Jonathon Safron Foer. I recommend both highly. I am currently reading “The Power and the Glory” for the fifth time in my life.

    I have heard about “A Fine Balance”. It is supposed to be great. Maybe I will grab that one next now that I am a reader again.

  3. Yeah, I really liked Da Vinci Code. But hey, so did a billion other people. It was entertaining, but the writing wasn’t too great. I found it very interesting, though. The movie was good, but not great by any means. 7/10 probably for me.

    James Patterson has always been my favorite, but I think Vince Flynn is overtaking him for me.

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