Remember This… ?

March 12, 2007

oryans.jpgI have always loved potato chips. Chips rank among my favorite snacks, and growing up, my above-all favorite type of potato chips were “O’Ryan’s Sour Cream N’ Onion”.

These were simply amazing. I still remember the day my Grandma introduced me to these little circular pieces of heaven. They were cut so thick, and had at least a half inch of flavoring on each chip.

For some inexplicable reason, O’Ryan’s chips were discontinued in Canada sometime in the mid 90’s. I remember trying to buy some, and was told you could no longer get them in Canada. If I recall correctly it had something to do with them being banned by the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency). For all I know, they could have contained crack. I wouldn’t be surprised or even care for that matter. These chips were just that damn good.

I believe for a while they were still sold in the US, but from what I can tell, they are no longer produced. It’s a real shame, as I’ve never again had a chip as amazing as O’Ryan’s Sour Cream N’ Onion.

Anyone else remember these little forgotten gems?


  1. Matty! Of course I remember these…well, not so much the chips, really, but your love for them. I can still smell them and hear you crunching on them on our way to the lot… They were pretty good though, weren’t they.

  2. I loved O’Ryans. The bag was different when I had them, it had a little Leprechaun on the front and was more of a moss green. They were amazing though and were a mainstay during hockey card trading at the cabin. I had two favorite treats, both of which are discontinued. One was O’Ryans of course, and the other was Blue Bell Cheezies. I can still taste them, although I havent since I was about 8. If anyone knows the wherabouts of Blue Bell Cheezies please email me at the link below.

  3. Yeah, I remember the bag being different as well. It was white with a yellow logo, but I couldn’t find a picture of the old bag design.

    I don’t remember ever having Bluebell cheezies. My favorite kind of cheesies or those small, skinny crunchy ones… that almost taste stale… they come in a huge clear bag… i think they might be a Costco brand.

  4. I totally remember them! – My Mom and I liked eating them… totally delicious, crunchy, and moreish!!

  5. god, I miss these chips… and the oranged bag ones? was it cheddar/bacon flavour?

    the next best chip in Canada is the Humpty Dumpty’s Party Mix (I heart the O’s)… and I can’t buy those in the west. damnit

  6. I think the picture you posted of O’Ryans chips is the New Zealand brand which seems to be quite popular and I’m close to ordering a couple bags to see if they taste as good as the Canadian ones we used to have.

    Anyway, from reading some forum thread, I found out that the discontinuation of O’Ryans had to do with Frito-Lays taking over Hostess when they entered Canada. Apparently they didn’t want O’Ryans to compete with their existing brand of rippled chips – Ruffles – so cut O’Ryans completely. Too bad Ruffles has steadily sucked over the years too. What happened to good old thick-cut ruffled chips?

  7. they still sell O’ryans in New Zealand. They’re thicker than your average chip and they taste alright.

  8. These were the best Sour Cream and Onion chips ever…I’m glad I’m not the only one who rememebers them. When I ate them daily it was late 80’s to early 90,s and the bag was definately green. I’ve been looking for them out here in the East and now I can stop. Thanks for the explanation on why they were so rudely taken from us!!! Damn competition…they’d make a killing now! I just might have to look to New Zealand for a special treat!!

  9. I forgot..I believe it was sour cream and cheddar for the orange bag but I’m not positive…the geen bag was my choice!

  10. OMG!!! O’ryans were sooo good. I loved the Cheddar ones and the sour cream werent far behind.I still cant believ they discontinued them. Anyone i talk to loved them and thought they were the best chip ever!!

  11. I remember them well, and to this day I am still chasing that taste. There has GOT to be a picture of that old bag though. someone. Anyone?

  12. I had to google them…I have been missing them since the early 90’s, when my after school snack always consisted of a bag of the sour cream and onion and a pepsi slurpee…..There will never be a superior sour cream and onion chip…EVER.

  13. I totally remember these, I had moved out to Montreal from Edmonton, when I came back they were gone…my favourite chip, now gone…

  14. I haven’t forgotten the taste of O’Ryans Sour Cream n Onion chips either! Just recently I got the idea of googling them but then I couldn’t remember the brand name (O’Ryan) until today. Everytime a new Sour Cream n Onion chip comes out, I try it in hopes it’ll be as good as the O’Ryans were but so far I haven’t found anything that meets that taste!

  15. o ryans were the best thing to ever happen to the chip world. not only were they thick as all hell. you could beat a baby to death with the amount of flavoring. chips these days are such a rip off. every 2nd bag has almost no flavoring and is over half empty. frito-lay is a lame company. thanks again corporate america for taking away something good and making everything generic and flavorless.

  16. O’Ryans were the absolute best sour cream and onion chips around. Shame they no longer exist. Frito-Lay chips for the most part suck. Their chips are greasy. The only good chips around now are Old Dutch. Their sour cream and onion isn’t as good as O’Ryans, but they aren’t bad at all. Presidents choice brand chips (Superstore/loblaws/etc) used to be decent but I haven’t had them in probably 10 years so I’m not sure if they’re good anymore. They were the only ones who made ketchup ripple chips. Same thing happened with cereals – in the 80s/early 90s there were amazing cereals around. Donutz, pro stars, and about 50 others. Damn I wish I had a time machine…

  17. I looked for these…I loved the sour cream and bacon ones.

    Turns out they were discontinued because the company that makes RUFFLES bought them out. They then discontinued the O’Ryan’s recipes and THATS why we can’t get our wonderful favorite back. 😦


    The Ruffles version of Sour Cream and Bacon is nowhere NEAR as delicious as O’Ryan’s.

  18. BUMP BUMP these old threads

  19. I know this is an old post but I totally agree, O’Ryan chips need to come back. I normally don’t like sour cream and onion but these were phenomenal.

    I think everyone should contact the makers of Ruffles and tell them to make them or something similar again, there’s nothing like them out there.

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