The World’s Most Beautiful People?

March 12, 2007

According to a new study, researchers have come up with a mathematical blueprint that describes the most beautiful people in the world.

“Researchers have thrown away the old vital statistics and, instead, focused on how the dimensions of different parts of the body relate to height and body mass index (BMI) to give the perfect physique. Perhaps surprisingly, two of the most important measurements are the girth of the thigh and the slimness of the calf”, wrote Roger Dobson in an article in “The Independent”.

The article continues:

The researchers, from the University of Gdansk in Poland, studied the vital statistics of 24 finalists in a national beauty competition, together with those of 115 other women. They said that while weight, height and hip ratio were normally used to assess female attractiveness, these might not throw up crucial differences between the super-attractive and others.

Apparently, the physically ideal man is “more than 6ft tall, with legs the same length as his upper body. The leg-to-body ratio of 1 makes him appear more muscular, which is why the ideal BMI for men is higher than for women.”

For the “perfect woman”?

“Super beautiful” women have waists a third smaller than their hips and three-quarters their bust measurement. They have longer legs, and slimmer thighs and calves than the average woman.

So, who out there matches these perfect ratios? According to this study, here are the two people considered to fit the measurements of the world’s most beautiful people:

Naomi Campbell and Christian Bale


I’m not sure how much I agree with the results, but it’s an interesting thought at using science to determine what exactly is beauty.

Click Here to read the original article in its entirety.



  1. I fit the mens list pretty well, in height and legs vs upper body.

    The “new model” of what it is to be a beautiful woman has changed so much. You almost need leukaemia to be thin enough to be an attractive girl. And then you have to be fortunate enough to have mid sized breasts, nothing to big or too small. Men have it pretty easy. Woman, the kind you would actually want to settle down with anyway, are pretty forgiving when it comes to what they want. If you can charm, have confidence and are reliable then looks become a far second. Women who are just into “hot” guys usually have incredible self esteem issues or are the type of women who can’t form commitment or “love rationale”. This is all according to my Societal Psychology course anyway.

    Yay for awesome girls. Boo for shallow girls. Why do you think Matt Damon’s fiance’ isn’t drop dead gorgeous….she has personality.

  2. Yeah, I think times are changing in the right direction. Maybe not in the fashion world, where if you look like a starving Ethiopian, then you are attractive.

    A good example of what guys are considering how these days, is the fact that Scarlett Johansson was voted the world’s most attractive female, by FHM magazine I believe it was. She is not the typical twig-like girl. She’s not fat by any means, but she has curves. I think guys are tiring of the skinny, sickly looking girls. I myself have never been interested in that type. Girls are supposed to soft, not feel like a bone rack. That’s sick.

    And you are right, guys have it so much easier. Girls are a lot more forgiving on looks. I think it comes down to girls always wanting to be prettier than their boyfriends.

    But hey, it’s fine by me! haha

  3. I think it has to do with the media. For years North American’s have been obsessed with the rich and famous “ideal” because that’s all the media and entertainment world has focused on…how “beautiful” someone is…instead of who they are…or what they are like. I can’t believe it when people look at a girl who is a size 6-8 and say she is fat! It’s tragic.

    I personally have never dated anyone based on their looks alone…in fact i am almost a little stand-offish if they are super good looking because usually beneath all those good looks is a super asshole.

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