This won’t be happening at my wedding

March 12, 2007

homeless.jpgFrom NCBuy News:

In a bid to seek blessings from them, a couple from Kolkata, India sent personal invitations to nearly 250 beggars in the city for their wedding reception party. The groom’s father Malay Saha said on Friday that it’s a tradition in their family to invite beggars to the wedding ceremony “to seek divine blessings and fortune in the life of the newly married sons and daughters.”

As if paying for your entire family to eat at the wedding isn’t expensive enough. I just hope they didn’t have an open bar. That would have been interesting, considering the type of guests.

Seriously, if this was proposed as an idea from my future wife, my feet couldn’t possibly get any colder. What’s next, bring a homeless guy along for the honeymoon? Hire a homeless guy as your personal masseuse? Wife-swap with the homeless dude down the street?


One comment

  1. I am from Kolkata, India. And there is no such tradition to send wedding invitation cards to or feed so many beggars. Brahmins yes, beggars no!

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