How does this happen?!?

March 13, 2007

Yes, yes, I know. The Britney Spears “head shaving” incident has been much, much too talked-about, and is old news.

However, yesterday I was watching MuchMusic, and along came the music video for “Toxic”. This music video was released almost exactly three years ago (February 24, 2004 to be exact). In the video, Britney looks about as good as she ever did. It reminded me why Britney became the lusted after celebrity that she was. She was simply perfect as far as her looks were concerned.

But look at her now. My God. What an awful looking human being.

Watching the music video made it really sink in at just how low Britney has become. I started to wonder if there’s ever been such a horrible fall from grace as far as looks are concerned, in such a short period of time. To go from being the hottest Pop star on the planet, to become a complete joke, both in your actions and your looks.

When marrying Kevin Federline is not even close to being the worst mistake you’ve made in your life, you know you have some serious problems.

In just three years, look at the complete and utterly amazing revolution of Britney Spears:





  1. Pop Star…to Pop Tart…to Pop Corny….

    she can join the ranks with poor MJ.


  2. I can’t imagine the pressure that goes with being Britney Spears. I think she shaved her head because her hair and her femininity were such a huge part of her image, an image she clearly has trouble with. How much of that image was her anyway. All she was was a beautiful body with music written by other people, dances choreographed by other people and responses written by other people. The Britney Spears we have come to know is probably a mystery to Britney herself.

    Clearly having kids and then a divorce can be hard enough but in the middle of the spotlight has to be a million times harder. Clearly she needs to think about her kids but who knows how hard her life is. All the money in the world wouldnt be worth it to have to live under so much scrutiny. She is just a kid who had to grow up in the palm of her handlers and now she thinks she is an adult but has no idea who she is.

    I heard someone on some talk show, it was a big name but I forget who, say that if you are still figuring out who you are or if you are having issues with who you are Hollywood will eat you alive. They will change you and you wont notice it until its too late. We have seen so many “great” names take this path and end up being the butt of every joke. Her last remaining hope is the guidance of George Clooney.

  3. I can understand that growing up in the spotlight must be incredibly hard, and Britney, like so many others have ended up becoming, well, “odd” to say the least.

    Saying that, there are others who can go through a life of growing up in the spotlight, and still become normal, respected human beings. People like Christina Aguilera, Mandy Moore, Hilary Duff and Justin Timberlake have good careers and seem to be people that think for themselves.

    They, as a small example, prove that if you grow up in the spotlight, you can still end up a normal person.

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