Might as well just throw him in jail now

March 13, 2007

badkid.jpgFrom The Sun Online:

Boozing, drug-taking Lewis Green has been given an Asbo — at the age of just TEN. A judge let him be named and shamed for terrorizing his neighbourhood.

His catalogue of crimes includes damaging cars, threatening neighbours and being caught on camera smoking cannabis and getting drunk on lager.

Lewis even assaulted members of his own family and stole from them to buy cigarettes, booze and dope.

He already has convictions for burglary, possessing a knife in public and criminal damage.

This reminds me of the movie, Minority Report. It begs the question, “if you know someone is going to do a crime in the future, is it right to arrest him today?”

This kid is obviously going to be a problem citizen for the rest of his life, and most likely, gravitate to greater and more impactful crimes in the future. He’d be serving a pretty significant jail term for these crimes if he weren’t a minor, already.

Drinking, smoking pot, stealing, vandalizing… all at the age of ten? This is insane. How do parents ever let their kids get to this point?

Outside court he smoked a cigarette as his gran Patricia Lewington, 61, said: “He’s not doing drink and drugs any more. He just enjoys the odd cigarette, but that’s about it.”

I guess when your Grandmother has an opinion like that about a ten year old smoking, it shouldn’t really be a surprise he’s been able to move on to more serious habits.


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