Ultimate Canuck Search

March 13, 2007

The Canucks’ are running a contest where fans can send in a video of why they are the “ultimate Canucks fan”. I think the guy who submitted this video has to be the front runner. This video is excellent!



  1. What a unique video! I love it.
    What does the winner of the contest get?
    I think you, your Dad & Grandpa should enter! Canucks through generations. =)

  2. Thats not a bad idea.

    I think this guy will be disqualified for his blatant Bertiuzzi-esque suckerpunch of Calgary fan. Pending a hearing he is most likely going to have to miss the rest of the regular season and could be gone for the rest of the playoffs. He had good intentions going out but his follow through will likely cost him the competition and he could/should face a civil inquiry.

    Calgary fan, although not a promintent member of his organization, has had his career cut short and then was shamed with a decorative flag. If there is any justice in the world Canucks fan wont be able to participate until Calgary fan is back on the ice.

  3. Yeah, it’s a very cool video eh!?

    I like how it incorporates the Canucks’ entrance song, too.

    We should enter… don’t know what we could come up with, though!

  4. To see what you can win by entering, go to http://www.canucks.com/ultimate/ultimate_prizes.htm

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