Those wiley Unicorns are at it again…

March 14, 2007

unicorn.jpgFrom the Associated Press:

A man told police not to blame him for crashing his truck into a light post – it was a unicorn behind the wheel. Prosecutor Ingrid Rosenquist said Phillip C. Holliday Jr. initially denied driving the truck involved in the March 7 crash in Billings. He told officers at the scene that a unicorn was driving, she said.

Well, of course you didn’t do it! Everyone knows those damn unicorns have been out of control lately. What are we to do with them?

Holliday has five drunken-driving convictions. District Judge Gregory Todd kept his bail at $100,000 despite his lawyer arguing that Holliday’s last such conviction was 14 years ago.

I bet it was the unicorns those last five times too, wasn’t it?

If anything, the guy should at least get bonus points for being creative.


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