This should be interesting…

March 15, 2007

hockeyme.jpgTonight I’m playing two games of hockey. That, in itself is not unusual at all. I often play two games a night for two different teams, as I currently play for two teams and spare for another three or four. However, I’ve always played in the same arena, in games one after another.

Tonight I’m playing at 7pm in one arena, then at 9:30pm in another. I will have just enough time to get undressed, travel to the other arena and get dressed again.

I could almost pull the novice hockey trick, and show up to my second game already dressed in full gear. On second thought, it might be a little difficult driving my car in full goalie gear.

After playing in a boring-as-hell 14-4 win last night, here’s to hoping tonight’s games are a little more exciting.

UPDATE: So, last night turned out pretty good. We won the first game 9-5, after leading 9-2 for most of the game, my team decided to absolutely fall apart for about 5 minutes and allow four breakaways. Either way, we won. I wasn’t too happy with how I played, but the game was slow and boring, and I wasn’t really into it.

The next game was a blast to play. It was a close, hard-fought game the entire night. We lead 2-0 until mid-way through the second period. With about 10-15 minutes left in the third they tied it up, and it stayed that away until with a minute left, we scored to go ahead. They were a really good team, and I had a ton of shots… I was pretty happy with my performance. Our two teams were very evenly matched, so it was a very fun game to play. I hope we see them again in the playoffs. I play on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and then the playoffs start the week after that. Should be a fun couple of weeks.



  1. How did you do?

  2. Check the update above… ^

  3. This is going on for me right now – two teams, in two different leagues, both in the finals. I’ve already played 2 double-headers in the semis. It looks like I’ll need to do it again at least twice until the finals are played out.

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