You got da best mullet in town, boy!

March 16, 2007

mullet.jpgNine-year-old Jacksonville resident, Dakota Russ was awarded the “Best Mullet in Jacksonville” award this past week at a local Monster Truck rally.

From Tribune & Georgian:

Dakota Russ, 9, stood in front of thousands of people in the pit of Jacksonville’s Alltel stadium at the Monster Jam truck show Saturday, Feb. 24 and showed off his pride and glory: his long, raven mullet. He is a shy kid, but that particular day he broke out of his shell to get the crowd riled up and he had the whole stadium screaming for him.

He and his mullet won the favor of the crowd over the six other contestants and he took home not only the six-foot trophy, which, by the way, is topped with a little man who has a mullet, but he also won bragging rights for one year. This means he has the right to tell everyone and everything in sight that he, Dakota Russ, has the best mullet in Jacksonville, hands-down, no questions asked.

I could make a joke here, but that would just be too easy.


One comment

  1. 9 year old Dakota Russ…I thought it was 9 year old Les Henzie. Better check the archives. You had a pretty raven mullet yourself for a while. You can thank your dad for that one. Big Steve Larmer fan I guess.

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