5 Movies that everyone has seen but me

March 19, 2007

Anyone who knows me or reads this site knows that I like to see a movie every now and then (hell, my last four posts, including this one, are about movies). I estimate that I’ve seen somewhere in the range of 1,500 movies, probably even more.

However, there are always some that slip by. There’s actually a few movies that it seems everyone but me has seen. How I’ve managed to go this long without seeing them, I really don’t know. Sometimes it’s out of principle, in some cases it’s been lack of interest, and in others… well, everyone has seen it and has no interest in watching it with me.

Here are five movies I surprisingly haven’t seen:

exorcist_dvd_large.jpg5. The Exorcist

The Exorcist is possibly the most popular horror movie of all time. It is practically a tradition for every 13 year old to see. Somehow I missed out on this tradition. It was probably due to my lack of interest in horror movies. I doubt I will ever see it, as I still have no interest in the film. Horror movies have been duplicated over and over, and I doubt I’ll see anything from this movie that I haven’t already seen in other films.

schindlers.jpg4. Schindler’s List

I do one day plan on seeing this movie. I believe I currently have it on my ziplist. I just haven’t got around to it. I was too young to be interested in this type of film when it originally came out, and I guess since I’ve been of age to appreciate a film like this, I just haven’t been in the mood to see a black and white film about the holocaust. It’s a film everyone should probably watch, and at some point I know I will.

indianajones.jpg3. The Indiana Jones Trilogy

Not only have I missed out seeing on one of the Indiana Jones movies, but I’ve missed out on all three. It’ll soon be four, as the next movie has just been announced. I actually own the trilogy and at some point in the near future I will make a day out of it, and see them all. I definitely plan on doing this before the 4th installment is released.

grease.jpg2. Grease

There may be a few other guys out there who haven’t seen this movie, but Grease seems to be a film that every single female on the planet has watched, and usually more than once. I don’t really have any interest or intent on watching Grease, and unless I get forced into it by my girlfriend, I doubt I ever will. I do like John Travolta though, so who knows…

titanic-poster02.jpg1. Titanic

Yes, that little film Titanic. It’s only the highest grossing movie of all time, coming in at a mere $600 million dollars in North America alone. And yes, a huge movie fan like myself hasn’t seen what could officially be called the “most popular movie of all time”. It’s almost embarrassing… almost. I still feel I’ve seen it though… I mean, I know about Kate Winslet being naked, the big ship hitting an iceberg and sinking, Leonardo being the “king of the world” and so on. One day I’ll see it… just not sure when.



  1. I’m the same I have no desire to see Titanic either. They should have made a version where it swerves around the iceberg at the last minute. That would have shocked audiences!

  2. Thats crazy that you haven’t seen those. Grease isn’t that big a deal for this generation….either is the Excorcist. The way movies are filmed now, always trying to be slightly grosser than the movies that came before, cause movies like the Excorcist to loose their scariness. Its a great movie and was the first of its kind but doesn’t go far to scare or wow our spoiled generation.

    Titanic is actually a pretty good movie. Its a classic love story with some action mixed in. The scenes of the ship sinking are incredible. Its not just a girly movie.

    Indiana Jones is one of my all-time favorites but I watched them when I was a kid so they had a lot more impact than they would now. Still worth watching.

    Schindler’s List is a must see. I have seen this movie several times and the content is a lesson to all of us who didn’t live through that era. This movie is one that will effect you in a major way. If you choose one to see let this be it.

  3. I honestly haven’t seen the first four either, but *the* Titanic?! My grandma probably even watched that, too! 😛 I’m sorry if I sound like mocking you so rudely. 😦 I was just so surprised. I think it’s a good movie- Titanic is. Hope you get to watch it- but you know, it can get dramatic and I don’t like sad endings. Oh well.

  4. I also missed out on The Exorcist and Grease … but I’m not too concerned about it.

    I just can’t for the life of me understand why you have’t watched Titanic or Schindler’s List. You HAVE to watch these soon. I have Schindler’s and will get it for you.

    Another MUST watch is Cidade de Deus (City of God). I honestly won’t stop bugging you until you watch this movie.

  5. I’m waiting for you to bring me Schindler’s List, so get on it.

    Yeah, one of the next movies I watch is going to be City of God. I’ve been waiting until I’m in exactly the right mood before I watch it.

    I’m waiting for someone who owns Titanic to lend it to me. Anyone…? haha

  6. City of God is not something you will want to watch hungover on a Sunday (Subtitles). It’s in my top 10 movies of all time, so watch it!!! Tyson, have you watched it? I think Tys will back me up here.

    We have Titanic on VHS, wanna borrow it? How fun would it be to adjust the tracking … bring you back memories of your childhood.

  7. SOOOO many of my guy friends have berated me for not having seen the Indiana Jones trilogy. Good to know there’s a guy out there who hasn’t seen it too. 🙂

    Coincidentally, they also kill me for skipping out on Star Wars (all of them), The Godfather, Lord of the Rings, Scarface, and most 80’s movies (Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, and I only just watched The Goonies a few months back).

  8. I haven’t seen Schinlder list and Grease too.

  9. Wow. I know you’re a movie guy. You’ve seen more than me just judging from your top 10’s, but Indiana Jones, that’s a shocker. The first movie I went to without my parents was Last Crusade. I went 3 times the first week it was out. The other two aren’t as good, but as a trilogy they rank for me slightly behind Star Wars (the originals of course) and Lord of the Rings. Honestly except for the sinking ship you’re missing nothing of interest in Titanic. My brother-in-law went a record 8 times in the theatre, a record he attempts to squirm his way out of now, but we remind him regularly its true. Schindler’s List is definitely worth it, although a difficult one to get through. I have seen Grease, only because it’s my wife’s favourite movie. Good Post – your top 10’s continue to entertain

  10. Wow thats crazy. Do you live in America? How old are you? What were you on drugs or something? Grease is the best movie ever. Anyways, I bet you hear so much about them just by watching tv that you don’t even have to seem them anymore. Your summaries of those movies are basically it anyways. You said you don’t like Horror movies have u ever seen a Alfred Hitchcock movie like Psycho which is the best scary movie ever made.

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