Movie Review: The Guardian

March 19, 2007

guardian_dvd.JPGYesterday, after having trouble deciding which movie to go with, we eventually settled on “The Guardian”, starring Ashton Kutcher and Kevin Costner. I’m a fan of both actors, but based on the type of movie, I wasn’t all that excited. It seemed like a movie I have seen before a few times (Annapolis, Men of Honor, Antwone Fisher all come to mind).

The movie is basically what you’d expect. It’s a film about the training of a U.S. Coast Guard. It follows a legend in the field, the character played by Costner. Kutcher plays the young hot-shot trainee. I like Kutcher in comedies, but I don’t think he’s a very good dramatic actor. He’s average in this movie.

The movie is predictable and much longer than it should be. It’s mildly entertaining, and maybe worth the watch if you don’t have much else to choose from.

My Rating: 6/10



  1. I dissagree about Kutcher…i thought he did a good job. It was refreshing to see him play something other then a retard.
    I enjoyed the movie…and yeah it was predictable….it could have been 45 minutes shorter…but all and all…something to watch on a Sunday.

  2. I’m actually somewhere in between Manda and Matt. I thought Kutcher was decent in The Guardian. His character had a lot of heart, it was inspirational (to me at least). Predictable movie but I would rate it a 6.5-7/10.

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