Tavares breaks one of Gretzky’s goal records

March 19, 2007

tavares.jpgIt’s always exciting when a young prospect comes along and gives hope to seeing another superstar in the NHL. John Tavares is the next in line after Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin. He’s a 16 year old playing in the OHL, and just this week he broke Wayne Gretzky’s record for most goals as a 16 year old. The old record was 71, and Tavares hit 72 this past Friday.

“It was pretty excited when I saw the puck go in. It was nice to finally get it,” Tavares told GlobeSports.

“It takes a bit of pressure off myself. I’ve been holding my stick a little tight the last couple games. Now I’m going to enjoy this with my teammates and my family.”

Pretty exciting stuff to see a 16 year old playing at the same level that Gretzky did, especially when the overall talent level of kids is much higher now than it was 30 years ago. It’s going to be a long wait however, before we see Tavares in an NHL game. He won’t be draft eligible until 2009. Makes me wonder if the NHL will do what the OHL did; make a special rule exception that allows Tavares to play before he hits minimum age requirement. I, for one, hope they do.



  1. I hope they keep him in the league as long as possible. The Junior leagues really need these players to keep fan numbers and interest. Not to mention the players, although amazing at junior level, really need to develope and grow before trying to physically compete with the guys in the NHL.

  2. Yeah, that’s very true… but then again, how does Tavares grow as a player, when at 16, he’s already quite possibly the best in the league? Should he really have to play over 2 more years, while completely dominating, before he’s eligible to be drafted? I don’t think that helps his personal development at all.

    The sad thing is, if he were born just 6 days earlier, he’d be eligible for the 2008 draft, instead of the 2009 one.

  3. Holy crud,
    he plays for my hometown’s team. Go Gens Go!

  4. Gretzky scored 71 goals in how many games?

    Tavares scored 72 goals (or more?) in how many games?

    If Tavares scored his 72 goals in more games than Gretzky scored his 71 goals, then this new “record” does not mean as much to me.

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