Movie Review: World Trade Center

March 20, 2007

worldtradecenter_dvd.JPGWhen you watch a movie based on the World Trade Center attacks, you know going in that you’ll be watching a serious, emotional drama. This is the second major release based on these attacks, and this one stars Nicolas Cage and Michael Pena. Oliver Stone (Any Given Sunday, Natural Born Killers, JFK) Directs.

The beginning of the film is very intense, as you’d expect. It gives you a different perspective of how the attacks happen. And insider, but almost outsider feel to it.

The one thing that sometimes holds me back from movies like this, is the fact that American films tend to be a little too patriotic at times. This movie didn’t have that forced emotional feel to it that often films like this do. It felt real, it wasn’t forced, and it seemed a lot more realistic by not having any overly-dramatic situations.

The film is based on actual people, and I felt it did a good job at making everything that happened feel very believable. The acting was really well done, and there are a few pretty teary moments, as one would expect.

I liked “United 93” better, but this was still a very well done film, with an interesting look on the events that took place September 11th.

My Rating: 7.5/10


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