Remember This… ?

March 21, 2007

dunkaroos.jpgThey were so rich and having more than a few of them made you sick, but I still loved those wonderful little frost-dipped crackers known as Dunkaroos. How great it was to open my Transformers lunchbox and see a pack of Dunkaroos waiting to be devoured.

Dunkaroos were cinnamon graham cookies in the shape of a basketball-playing Kangaroo, and they came with a little rainbow sprinkled vanilla frosting dip. The cookies were your ordinary graham cracker type, but the dip was something else. So ridiculously rich, after dipping three or four crackers I felt like throwing up. But again and again, I would eat them up, and each time during those first few crackers, I was in heaven.

I haven’t seen these in stores forever, but apparently you can still buy them. You can even order them online at Amazon.



  1. I remember DunkAroos. I remember liking them for about a week and then being so sick of the frosting that I couldnt eat them ever again. Blast from the past. Oryans and now Dunkaroos. What will you have for us next??? I just had some gushers fruit snacks the other day. Those are still awesome.

  2. WOW…
    Thats old school right there.
    i remember the commercials too…
    too funny.

    thanks for the flash back

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