Stop Clubbing Baby Seals

March 21, 2007

babyseal.jpgNo, I’m not talking about Jason’s t-shirt.

I’ve always thought the whole “stop clubbing baby seals” protests were pretty funny. I mean, do people really club baby seals? Well, apparently they do, and I’m not talking about one or two seals. Think more like 300,000 a year. And… the men doing the clubbing are getting upset about their reputation as savages.

From Scotsman News:

Mark Small is fed up with being portrayed as a bloodthirsty killer for his part in an annual cull in which about 300,000 young seals are shot or clubbed to death on ice floes off Canada’s east coast. 

“It gives you a terrible feeling as a human being,” said Small, a veteran hunter in the Atlantic province of Newfoundland. “We’re not a cruel, savage race that came out of the forest somewhere.”

Umm, buddy… you club 300,000 baby seals a year. What would you rather be referred to as? A group of guys with “good baseball swings?”

What an idiot.



  1. It is so HORRIBLE, I agree!

  2. Where did my post go?? i posted it twice…aaanyways…
    I was saying that its sad all the animals going on the endangered species list. Its shocking actually. Did you know there are certain species of sharks on the list!? Crazy i know!?

    There is a new movie coming out (this weekend actually) called “Sharkwater”. It’s had pretty amazing reviews and won a number of awards so far. I’m looking forward to seeing it.
    You can check out the movie summery on imbd.com

    Has anyone had a chance to see “Inconvenient Truth”?

  3. My friend and i stummbled upon this while doing a research project for english this is down right cruel how can they do this

  4. why the hell are ppl clubin seals…hahah its funny

  5. …just so you know… when you are uneducated on a topic you should keep your mouth shut, making false accuations will make YOU look like the idiot…baby seals are not clubbed… adult seals are… they are because it is substancial part of the economy, not to mention seals eat all of the cod stock which is also a substancial part of the economy…seals are shot most often and not inhumaenly clubbed, if they are clubbed there is a specific way to do so… are cows not slaughtered for alberta econony? why not make a fuss about that? i know why…it wouldn’t make as good a photo opp as the beautiful white coated baby seal…(which are NEVER clubbed)get a clue guy… we do not club 300,000 baby seals a year… stop posting false crao, of which you know little or nothing about, try researching rather than buying into propaganda…who is the idiot…right that’s ….YOU!

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