A whole new meaning to being “whipped”

March 23, 2007

Can’t find your balls? Umm, how about checking that jar on your wife’s desk.

It used to go without saying. When a man and woman got married, the woman took the man’s last name. It’s tradition, it’s just the way it’s always been. I can understand women not wanting to change their last name, and that is fine. It’s their choice. But this? This I just can’t understand…

From USA Today:

As Donna and Mike entered their wedding reception, an unwitting announcer told the expectant crowd, “Ladies and gentleman, put your hands together for the new Mr. and Mrs. Salinger!”

Some guests clapped, some chuckled at what they presumed was a joke and most looked at one another in confusion. The couple spent the entire reception and some of their honeymoon explaining to people what they had done.

The groom, you see, had started his day as Mike Davis and ended it by doing something precious few of his brothers-in-arms do: He took his wife’s last name instead of her taking his.

What kind of guy would go along with this? I can’t imagine the flak I would get from my friends and family. That alone would stop me from ever even considering taking my wife’s last name.

You should ask yourself what type of woman would request that her man do this. Did you not hear the warning bells going off? Before you know it, she’ll have you walking around the house wearing her favorite set of lingerie, telling you what a great little housewife you make.

“Three months later, I’m still taking (flak) from one of my college roommates.” said the man.

Seriously dude… what did you expect?



  1. Ha ha! This cracks me up. If I ever get married I’ll be keeping my maiden name, not because I’m some annoying feminist trying to make a statement, but because I’ve had the name for thirty years and to change it at this point just seems wrong.

  2. I think it’s stupid for a man to take a woman’s name. But, I also think a woman should keep her own name. I’ve worked on reunion committees and it’s so difficult trying to find the girls from the class. The guys are much easier. And I’m one who prefers tradition. Not on this one.

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