Movie Review: The Prestige

March 24, 2007

poster_the-prestige-poster-1.jpgWow. That’s the first thing I want to say about this movie. The second, is that the critic’s quote, “You want to see it again as soon as it’s over” on the front cover of the DVD is completely true. I’d like to watch it all over again right now.

Christopher Nolan, the director of Memento and Batman Begins, creates another masterpiece in film making. The movie is superbly acted, directed and written. The script is great, and the writing style is very similar to the work done in Memento.

The film stars Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale as rival magicians constantly battling and trying to one-up one another. Also making appearances are Scarlett Johansson, Michael Caine, Piper Perabo and David Bowie.

There’s not much I can say about the film without giving away some type of spoiler, so I won’t say anything other than make sure you watch this movie.

One of the better movies I’ve seen in the past year. If you like smart, thought-inducing, intriguingly twisting films, you will love this one.

My Rating: 9.5/10


  1. I thought it looked pretty awesome. Of the two “magician movies”, The Illusionist is the one I have seen. I thought it was excellent, and I’m usually pretty happy with everything Edward Norton does.

    I’m adding this one to my Netflix queue right now.

  2. Its a good thing you saw the Illusionist first. If you had seen the Prestige first I wouldn’t bother with the Illusionist. They aren’t in the same league.

  3. I just saw the movie tonight. I especially liked the constant one-upmanship. I thought Tesla was a fascinating character. I’ll have to check out the Illusionist now, too.

  4. I’ve haven’t seen the Illusionist yet, but I plan on it.

  5. I’ve seen both movies and Tyson is right. If you see The Prestige first it ruins The Illusionist.

    This movie was deffinately fantastic….I really like Christian Bale as an actor. I hope to see him in some more movies soon.

    Is he acting in the Batman sequal??

  6. Yes… it will be out in 2008, and will be called “The Dark Knight”. It’s going to be excellent, I think. Christopher Nolan is back directing, and Christian Bale will reprise his role as Batman, of course. Aaron Eckhart will play “Two Face”, and Health Ledger will be “The Joker”. Both great casting decisions, in my mind.

  7. I just wanted to tell you that i did go and see 300 yesturday.
    It was a pretty incredible movie just like you said! My favorite scene was when they put the young girl in the trance. It was so incredibly beautiful and real.
    Loved it!

  8. I cant wait to see 300. Still haven’t seen it. We went and saw Fido instead last week which was great. I have worked on a few projects with the cinematographer, Jan Kieser. He is old friends with my film professor Ned Vankevich. He is the guy who put together “hand” that cool ghost movie we shot 2 years ago.

    Christopher Nolan is INCREDIBLE. He blows my mind. I watched Memento again the other day. One of the best films of all time. Batman Begins was a masterpiece and the Dark Knight looks excellent as well. Great casting with Gyllenhall replacing Katie Holmes and hugely underrated Heath Ledger as The Joker. This movie will be great.

    If you get a chance watch Nolan’s first movie: “The Following”. It is shot for next to no money but the storyline is amazing. Very very smart movie. He is a brilliant writer/director. Probably the smartest young mind we have right now.

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