Hockey Night in Canada staying on CBC

March 26, 2007

hnic.jpgThere have been some rumors going around that TSN was going to win the rights to “Hockey Night in Canada”, as the NHL’s contract with CBC expires at the end of the year.

Thankfully, that won’t be happening, as CBC and the NHL have come to a contract agreement.

From The Globe & Mail:

The CBC and National Hockey League announced a new television agreement Monday that will keep Hockey Night In Canada on the air through the 2013-14 season.

The six-year contract extension begins at the conclusion of the current deal in 2007-08 and is worth about $100-million a year, according to sources.

I have no problems with TSN, but I just can’t imagine Hockey Night in Canada being on anything but CBC. It’s been a tradition since long before I was born, and I’m really glad to see they’ve worked out a deal.



  1. The legacy of Hockey Night in Canada is an important landmark in Canadian culture for sure and in many ways I am glad that it is still on the CBC. The fact that it is going to cost 100 million a year that could have been spent on something else is a little frightening. TSN is private so the 100 million it would have cost to put the HNIC on TSN would not have effected the tax payers at all. That is 100 million for our school system. HNIC does not generate 100 million dollars worth of revenue for CBC but it isn’t hemoraging money either.

    It doesn’t bother me when CBC goes after these large contracts for HNIC but when it comes to the olympics, where the CBC has continuously lost money, that bothers me. I am a hockey fan through and through and believe it is a huge part of our identity. But I dont believe in the CBC pulling out 300 million dollars for the rights to the olympics when they dont put 300 million into our dwindling olympic program so our athletes can actually compete.

  2. I agree on your opinions with the Olympics, but not in regards to hockey. I know I am biased in this argument, as I am a huge hockey fan, but I still think it is worth the money we will pay in taxes. Hockey is as big a part of Canada as anything else, and the enjoyment so many people across Canada get out of it cannot be measured.

    Hockey Night in Canada on CBC is Canadian tradition, and something that is such a big part of who were are should not be changed, based on what is actually a pretty small amount of money.

    The Government wastes a lot of money, and in no way do I think it applies to this contract.

  3. I agree with CBC keeping HNIC as it is a huge part of our identity. I think the olympics is a different story though. Especially when they consistently lose money. They lose money on HNIC as well but nowhere near the amounts they have lost on the olympics. My argument is more to point out the irony of a govt who pays so much to showcase the same athletes they neglect.

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