My Top 5 Favorite TV Comedies

March 26, 2007

I don’t watch a lot of TV… well, at least not regular cable. I usually buy the shows I like so that I can watch them in order without missing an episode, and can watch them more often than once a week. Here’s the list of my top 5 favorite TV Comedies:

familyguy.jpg5. Family Guy

Bringing this show back was one of the greatest decisions FOX has ever made. Such an incredibly smart and funny show. Seth McFarlane is a genius. How some of the stuff they have on this show is ever allowed to air, I have no idea. It’s so wonderfully offensive. I love it.

mynameisearl.jpg4. My Name Is Earl

I only started watching this show about two months ago, but it is great. Just a wonderfully original idea, and Jason Lee is so damn funny. I cannot wait for Season 2 to come out on DVD. I am really glad Jaime Pressley picked up a good role, as I’ve always found her to be really funny.

trailerparkboys.jpg3. Trailer Park Boys

I was originaly drawn to this show because I thought, “hey, I could make this”. It may look like a simple concept, but it’s put together so great. The characters are all different and incredibly hilarious, and while it may be pretty out there, it’s always entertaining. It may be extra funny to me, as a lot of the characters remind me of different people I knew growing up. I just bought the movie… can’t wait to see it.

scrubs.jpg2. Scrubs

There’s not many shows that can continuously make me laugh out loud, but Scrubs is one of them. The banter between Dr. Cox and JD is some of the funniest stuff on TV, and I absolutely love Cox’s rants. JD and Turk have such great chemistry, you can just tell they are great friends in real life as well. Every character is funny, and it’s always exciting to see which movie star will show up next. The Colin Farrel appearance was one of my favorite episodes. I’m looking forward to Season 5, which comes out in May.

office.jpg1. The Office

By far, the funniest show on TV. Possibly funniest show ever. Michael and Dwight are two of my all-time favorite TV characters. The relationship drama between Jim and Pam is a great on-going storyline. I haven’t seen Season 3 yet, and I can’t wait for it to come out. Rainn Wilson (“Dwight”) is going to be a star and he can even make bad movies funny (My Super Ex-Girlfriend). Steve Carrell is so perfect in his role, and some of the funniest parts about the show is just watching the background characters. The American remake easily out does the British version, something most people never thought possible.



  1. All great choices. My Name Is Earl is a breath of fresh air. I love how each episode is shot like a short film and the cartoonish nature of the town they live in. Scrubs is one of my all time favorites, that show is incredibly funny and has heart too.

    It is a toss up which show is better, the american Offiice or the british but both shows are incredible. The fact that Gervais and Merchant are still behind many of the laughs we see on the american version tell me that this show will be solid for a long time.

    Trailer Park boys is canadian beauty. The fact that we can laugh at ourselves continuously and have smart writing with the dumbest characters around says a lot for our small tv industry.

    Family Guy is wearing on me. The jokes are smart but the storylines and setup are always weak. McFarlane is a funny guy but the inteligence of setup which is so strong in shows like SouthPark and the Simpsons is entirely lacking. I would have to say that I like 30 Rock and South Park better than Family Guy. Tracy Morgan is GOLD and Baldwin is a treat to have on TV. It took me a long time to get into this show but now I am hooked.

  2. I’ve got to agree about Scrubs and Earl. I watch them both regularly. I LOVE the Simpsons, but avoid Family Guy because I don’t want my kids watching it. (Being a good example and all) The few times I’ve caught the Office and Trailer Park Boys I’ve thought they were both quite clever. Bubbles is classic. I would still count Seinfield in my top five, even though a new episode hasn’t been made for 12 years, I still watch it more regularly than any other sitcom.

  3. Yeah, I was going to add Seinfeld to the list, but I decided to stick with shows currently on air. But yes… Seinfeld is by far the funniest sitcom of all time, and if it was still airing would easily push for 1st on my list.

  4. Good list, but you’re missing Arrested Development. If you didn’t get into it while it was on, you’re missing out. I’m also a fan of the Office and Scrubs, so if you like those you should like AD. If you’re not hooked by the first episode, watch a second and you’ll be caught.

  5. Was never really into american comedy until i watched family guy.
    Not too much into simpsons got to say, i can take it or leave it.
    Friends was funny at times but 10years was definatly too long im sure you will agree.
    Scrubs is amazing, so original.
    HOWEVER….the american office is horrendous. there will only ever be one office. the ricky gervais, steve merchant, WORK OF ART.
    seriousley suggest people buy that one. bet you would love it by the sounds of your sense of humour!!!!!!!
    write back.

  6. scrubs should be numbver 1!:@:P

  7. “The American remake easily out does the British version, something most people never thought possible.”

    It is very good but, will never be better than the original.

  8. also, if you like the office i think you would like “I’m Alan Partridge” my favourite of all time in front of the office


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