My Top 10 Favorite TV Shows

March 28, 2007

I’ve done my Favorite TV Characters, so it’s about time I do a list of my Favorite TV shows. Keep in mind when reading, that I only watch the DVD sets of these shows, and haven’t seen any of the seasons that are currently airing on TV.

So, without wasting any time, here’s a list of my all-time favorite TV shows:

lost-dvd.jpg10. Lost

I’ve seen Seasons 1 & 2 of Lost, and enjoyed both very much. I’m looking forward to Season 3 coming out on DVD. I’d still say the best 1st episode of any show I’ve ever seen would would the first episode of Lost. It comes off like a movie, not like a TV show, and set the standard for new TV shows. I’ve still yet to see anything that compares with it. J.J. Abrams (the creator of Lost) is a genius, and this isn’t the only show of his to make my top 10 list.

desperatehousewives.jpg9. Desperate Housewives

I owned Season 1 of Desperate Housewives for nearly a year before I finally decided to watch it. I pictured it to be a soap opera type of show that only appeals to women. Was I ever happy that I finally decided to watch it. As with Lost, I’ve only seen the first two seasons, as Season 3 isn’t on DVD yet, but were they ever entertaining. Housewives is a show that mixes a little bit of soap opera drama with mystery as well as comedy. It’s a show men and women alike can enjoy. I recommend the show to anyone, and if you had the same reservations as I had at the beginning, I highly suggest giving it a shot.

prisonbreak.jpg8. Prison Break

Prison Break would probably be higher on my list if there were more than one season available. It’s the only show on my list that I’ve seen less than two seasons of. It’s an excellent show, and although I doubted how it’s concept would last past 10-12 episodes, it kept me intrigued the entire show, and has me eagerly awaiting Season 2’s DVD release. Out of all the seasons I’ve watched, I think I finished Prison Break faster than any of them. 24 episodes in two days. Yeah, it’s that good.

sixfeetunder.jpg7. Six Feet Under

I had the luxury of watching all five seasons of Six Feet Under in a row. I started it after the show was already off the air and all seasons had been released on DVD. I think this made the show all that much more enjoyable for me. It keeps the story lines fresh in your mind and by the time the show is over you feel like you really know these characters. I’d rate the series finale of Six Feet Under as, by far, the best series ending episode I have ever seen. This is not a high-paced show, and is not for everyone, but if you like character-based dramas, there isn’t much better than Six Feet Under.

shield.jpg6. The Shield

My Top 6 are the hardest to organize. Well, more like my 2nd to 6th. These could probably be put in any order on any particular day. But today, it’s The Shield that ranks sixth. The Shield is a gritty drama about somewhat corrupt cops. I love the way the show is filmed. It’s almost like a documentary, and the cinematography and camera work is excellent. Shield is a drama based on the cops that do the dirty work. Cleaning up the streets and shutting down drug dealers and other such criminals. Highly recommended show that unfortunately not many people have seen.

alias-dvd.jpg5. Alias

Another J.J. Abrams creation. I recently finished Season 5, which was the final season of Alias. It’s a show that had its ups-and-downs storyline wise, but in the end, it was always entertaining. There were some great characters, and I especially loved Jennifer Garner. I think she was the perfect choice for the role of Sidney Bristow. This is a show about the CIA and a secret organization called SD6. I can’t really get into much more of it, without giving up spoilers. Until seeing Season 5, I had forgotten just how much I enjoyed this show. It’s very fast paced, and has a great mix of suspense, action, and even some romance.

sopranos.jpg4. The Sopranos

The most popular show in the history of HBO, without a doubt. Is it the best? Probably. I have it ranked third as far as HBO shows go, but that’s more a statement of personal opinion rather than which show is the best. The acting is incredible, the story lines are near perfect, and everything just comes together wonderfully. It may not be my favorite show, but it is the most complete, well-made show ever made in my mind. After saying all of that, I’m starting to wonder why I’m not ranking it higher.

entourage.jpg3. Entourage

While I’d say Entourage is as much of a drama as it is a comedy, it’s still easily the funniest show on my list. The characters are, like most HBO shows, excellent. The acting and writing are great as well. It’s a very original show as well. It follows four friends, one of which is the latest hot up-and-coming Hollywood star. He lives in a house in Los Angeles with his two best friends and his older brother. They live a life most guys dream of, which is why I think the show appeals so much to men. I don’t think you’ll find a funnier show that is also so well produced. It’s a rare thing for a television show to have both comedy and critical acclaim.

oz.jpg2. Oz

The highest of the four HBO shows ranked on my top 10 list. I’ve seen every season of Oz, and I was really upset to see it end. It put new meaning to “surprise ending”. As in most shows, you know nothing would ever happen to the main characters. They never would die. Well, this rule didn’t apply to Oz. Any character could die at any time. It left you feeling that anything could happen, and nothing was predictable. Even though at times, my favorite characters would be killed off, in the end it still made the show better. You just never knew what to expect. The show was always fresh, and over the six year span of the show, it always remained entertaining. It’s a pretty graphic show, but to anyone who enjoys a hard, gritty drama, I highly suggest checking out Oz.

24.jpg1. 24

The easiest choice on my list. While many of the other shows in my top 10 are interchangeable in rank, that doesn’t apply to 24. It is without a doubt, my all time favorite TV show. It has my all time favorite TV character, and there just isn’t a show in history that can match the suspense and fast-paced action of 24. Every season has been incredible, without any down point in my mind. It’s a show that will keep you up until 5:00am on a work night, as it’s just impossible to shut off. I think I’ve finished each season within 3 days or less. If you are someone who likes any type TV show, then this a show you cannot miss. Most entertaining TV show in history, no question about it.



  1. Also wanted to list my “Honerable mention” shows, that didn’t quite make it into the top 10:

    – Deadwood
    – The O.C.
    – The Wire
    – The Office
    – Scrubs
    – Battlestar Galactica

  2. Good list of shows, I haven’t watched them all but I agree 24 is numero uno.

    In my opinion, 24 is the closest thing the average person can come to being addicted to crack. It’s 12:30am on a work night and you find yourself wondering if you have time for another fix … after watching 8 hours straight. I’ve even wondered if it would be possible to watch all 24 episodes in a 24 hour period … yeah, it’s that good! I swear I’m not a huge loser.

  3. 24 is by far the only show I can watch. Although I have to admit this season isn’t as great as past seasons, the show still features action/drama that can’t be topped on national or cable television. Good list!

  4. Our family is completely insane about 24. We’re not watching the current season, having only recently joined the craze – my daughter’s are up to Season 5, my husband and I just began Season 3. We’re loving it!

    LOST – we have a group of about 10 people who gather every week to watch it at our house – lost of fun, only I’m thinking they’re dragging it all out a little bit.

  5. What, no Heroes?

  6. Like I said in the post, this list only includes shows on DVD, as I don’t watch regular cable. Heroes isn’t out on DVD yet.

  7. Matt, glad to see BSG made the wanna-be list. I gotta agree with Mike though…where’s “Heroes”?

    Also, have you seen the LOST maps?

    Nice blog. Keep it up.

  8. Well, I’ve heard of all of these shows, but I can’t say that I’ve ever watched any of them. Apparently my tastes in entertainment run somewhat different from yours, so I took it upon myself to steal your idea and post my own Top Ten list.

  9. in no particular order

    Sleeper Cell
    Rescue Me
    The office (US)
    Prison Break
    30 Rock
    How I Met your mother

  10. Im surprised you dint put Dexter in there. If you havent seen it, you GOTTA. its on Showtime. Season one is on DVD now and im at episode 6. Its REALLY good!!!

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