The “Coolest” Shot Glasses I’ve ever seen

March 28, 2007

iceshooters.jpgHow cool are these? All it takes to make these is a specialty shaped ice tray; but instead of getting ice cubes, you get perfectly formed shot glasses.

From Amazon.com:

The coolest way to enjoy your favorite shots, this cool shooters ice shot mold is made of food-grade silicone, so it is nearly indestructible and can be used over and over again. Simply fill it with your choice of juice, then simply set it in the freezer to chill for a bit and viola! — You’ve got some ice cold shooters that pack a refreshing punch! Makes four ice shots at a time, be sure to order extra for the crowds! Shot glasses measure: 2″ x 2″ x 2.5″ tall each.

Amazon is currently sold out, but you can pick up a set here for only $6.99 US each.



  1. What happens if your lips/tongue get stuck to the frozen shot glass(err…frozen liquid)?

  2. Haha, everyone needs a story like that J.
    I think we should definitely get a set! Tequila shots would never be the same again!
    And then when you’ve taken the shot, you can use them for the ice cubes in your next drink.

  3. I guy i work with went to Australia a month ago and they had this bar called “-5”.

    It was an old meat locker converted into a club in downtown Sydney.

    You pay $30 (includes one drink) to get in the door and they supply you with a fur parka and boots. You get a stop watch around your neck that is set for half an hour and when your time is up you have to leave because the temperature in the bar is -20 degrees.

    Everything in the bar is made of ice including the bar..the shelves..the seating…absolutely everything…he said it was pretty amazing. And to top it off all there glasses were ice as well.

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