Crazy Person of the Day

March 29, 2007

Love can make people do some pretty crazy things. If your girlfriend moves far away, what would you do to get her to move back? Show up at her doorstep and beg her to come back? Call her and tell her you miss her? How about bombing the new city she lives in to convice her it’s dangerous there?

From IOL:

Kragulj, 54, was sentenced to 10 months in prison and fined for planting five explosive devices in the southern town of Mostar in January.

Upon being arrested, Kragulj said he planted the bombs to prove to his long-time girlfriend that Mostar was dangerous and that she should return to their hometown of Prijedor, in the country’s north-west.

How does the girlfriend react to this?

Kragulj’s girlfriend had moved to Mostar after getting a waitressing job in the Majestic. She has since accepted his request to get married.


One comment

  1. Wow, I wouldn’t say these two are crazy, just missing their brains.

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