Movie Review: Man of the Year

April 2, 2007

manoftheyear_dvd.jpgRobin Williams is a guy I’ve always been on the fence about. He can annoy me to no end, but if he’s a little more serious in roles (like Good Will Hunting, The Final Cut or One Hour Photo), I really enjoy his work. This is one of those movies where I enjoyed him a lot.

This film really surprised me. At first, I thought it would be more of a silly movie. It was promoted as more of a comedy than what it actually was; a drama. Yes, it has several really funny moments, but it was not the silly comedy I was expecting. This is a good thing.

The film is about a comedian named Tom Dobbs, who has a late night news show similar to Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert. He is really popular, and his political views are applauded by fans. So much so, that they jokingly say he should run for President. Well, it gets so much of a push, that he actually does run for President.

It’s a smart and incredibly funny movie that I would definitely recommend. It’s one of my favorite Robin Williams roles. He’s a great actor, and if he stays away from the stupid movies, I love his work.

My Rating: 7.5/10



  1. I have almost added this to my ziplist a few times. I guess I will now. Speaking of movies we expected would suck that were good, check out Click. Its ridiculous but it’s supposed to be and it works. Except for the very last scene, that almost ruined the whole movie for me as I am sure it will for you to. The rest of the movie is great though.

  2. Yeah, it was a good movie. Click? Really… I didn’t like it all that much. Ok, not liking it is probably harsh. I would have given it a 6.5/10 maybe.

  3. I was in the right mood and expected nothing. It made me laugh a lot.

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