Movie Review: Happy Feet

April 3, 2007

happyfeet.jpgLet me first say, that I watched this movie on HD-DVD. It’s the first movie I’ve watched on my HD-DVD player, and saying I was impressed doesn’t even come close to covering it. The quality and crispness were incredible. It was so detailed and the colors were so rich. It made my viewing experience so much better.

So, onto the film. It was a great movie, and I enjoyed it a lot. It has some of the cutest moments in a film that I’ve ever seen. It’s really, really funny as well, and it also has a great message behind it. Although it’s basically just the animated version of “March of the Penguins”, they are still able to bring a lot of originality to it.

The film centers around “Mumble”, a penguin that’s a little different than the rest of the group, or “waddle” as they’re called. He has “happy feet”, and this is where the title of the film comes from. All penguins have great voices and love to sing, but Mumble loves to dance.

The voice actors for the film are Robin Williams, Hugh Jackman, Brittany Murphy, Nicole Kidman, Elijah Wood, and even Steve Irwin (who the film is dedicated to) voices a character.

It’s a great movie for kids, although there are one or two pretty scary parts. There are some serious moments that could be a little sad for kids, but overall, it’s a great message and a movie anyone could enjoy.

My Rating: 9/10


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