Wow, and I don’t even know 107 people

April 3, 2007

From News.com.au:

A 74-year old Indonesian with 107 wives has been jailed for beating one he suspected of being unfaithful.

A local police chief was quoted as saying that the husband, Abdurahman, was guilty of torturing Tariah, his second wife.

Islam permits up to four wives and polygamy is thought to be widespread in Indonesia. Only four of Abdurahman’s wives were still living with him.

He said he had 41 children and “countless grandchildren,” according to the newspaper.

Buddy… you have 106 other wives… do you really care enough about this one woman to get yourself put in jail? You also obviously don’t have a problem getting women, so just go out and grab a new one.


One comment

  1. North American men have a hard time with one woman…could you imagine 107! hahahahha

    The Indonesian/Middle Eastern cultures are so different eh!? I finished reading the book “A Fine Balance” by Rohinton Mistry. Totally eye opening book about the Hindu community.

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