Most shocking news story I’ve ever read

April 4, 2007

I’m not going to post the entire story up here, as it’s not exactly family friendly, but I will add a link to it. It’s probably the craziest, most shocking story I’ve ever read. Just insane that something like this happens with kids so young.

Anyways, if you’d still like to read the story, you can click here to do so.



  1. This story blows my mind … I can’t even imagine this happening at age 12.

    I had my very first girlfriend in grade 5. We sat next to each other in class, talked and held hands … that’s it! I ended up telling my parents about the new girlfriend and they sat me down and told me I was too young to be dating hahaha. I remember crying … obviously I didn’t listen to them and kept “seeing” her.

  2. yeah thats pretty crazy stuff. no idea whats happening with kids these days. did you see the story of the girls who tried to poison their teacher?

  3. Pretty soon more stories like this will come out, and the grade number will just keep getting lower and lower. It’s the world nowadays and as shocking and gross it is to think of kids that young doing that, we better get used to it.

  4. As shocking as that story is, kids are doing everything at a younger age.

    Do you remember how old you were when you attended your first school dance? I was in grade eight (late eighties) and it was held from 3:45-6:00pm in the school gym, with all but two lights on. A few slow songs were played, but the kids were too embarrassed to dance with one another.

    My nephew, who is in grade 6, has been attending monthly school dances since the start of the school year. They are on Friday nights from 7:30 to 10:00. They kids get all dressed up and the girls, who are no older than 12, barely get dressed at all. My nephew showed me a photo (taken with his cell phone, of course) of him slow dancing with his “girlfriend” of three months. They looked looked so comfortable being that close to one another and if I didn’t know better, I would have thought they were 18!!

    It’s unbelievable but at the same time, not suprising, if that makes any sense.

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