This is how I learned to cook

April 5, 2007

The wonderful amazing chef in this video is the reason I became such a great cook. Anyone in need of some cooking tips has to watch this. His salad making skills are second to none.



  1. The Merrill Howard Kalin show was never the same after Merrill had his brain removal operation.

  2. Salad makes my mouth yummy too!!

  3. I feel bad for laughing … Sorta …

  4. Do you cook just like him Matt?? all the sound effects and everything??? lol

  5. Wowie kazowie, thats cooking with Merril. Matt makes great macaroni and cheese with no milk. You would be surprised.

  6. Manda… I’m nowhere near as good of a cook as Merril… but I do enjoy my salads almost as much as him!

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