My Top 10 Favorite Websites

April 9, 2007

Pretty straight-forward list. As you can tell by my list, my interests consist of mainly hockey and movies. If you’d still like to read on anyways, here’s my top 10 favorite websites:

10. OfficePools.com

If you’re in a hockey pool (or football, baseball, etc for that matter), you know of this site. I’ve used it for probably 6-7 years to help organize my hockey pools. Thanks to being in the race for 1st place in our regular season pool, I was constantly visiting this site. (And thankfully, yes, I did end up finishing 1st)

9. J.J. Guerrero’s Canucks’ Hockey Blog

The best Canucks-related blog on the ‘net. During the season, I have to miss a few Canucks’ games because of my own hockey, so this is always the first site I check out in the morning to see how my Canucks faired. Not only does J.J. post Canucks-related results and news stories, he also gives an opinion on how they did that night, while providing his 3-stars as well.

8. PerezHilton.com

As much as everyone pretends to hate them, you can’t help but look at those greasy celeb magazines at the grocery store checkout. PerezHilton is basically the internet version of those. With pages of daily updates on all the celebrity gossip, it may be a guilty pleasure of mine, but it’s an entertaining one. Perez is pretty funny in the way he makes fun of nearly every celebrity out there. The site is always good for a laugh and some time wasting.

7. TVShowsOnDVD.com

I love my TV on DVD, so this is a must-view site for me. This website has daily updates on the latest TV show DVD announcements, release dates and cover images. There are also reviews on several newly released titles. When’s the next season of Sopranos or The O.C. coming out? This site will tell you.

6. GorillaMask.com

This site falls under the category of “entertainment for men”, although women will enjoy it as well. The site posts the best video clips, news stories and blog posts from around the web. Be aware, it’s not family-friendly in any sense, but if you like seeing the latest “shark attacks fisherman” or “skateboarder nuts himself on a pole” videos, then you’ll enjoy this website. They also post tons of great top ten lists, daily “best t-shirts” and more.

5. Zip.ca

They sometimes aggravate me with their delayed shipments, but when it comes to online DVD rentals, there is no better Canadian-based site than Zip.ca. For an average of $2.50 per DVD, you can rent almost as many DVD’s a month as you’ll want. It’s much better than paying up to $6.00 at your local Blockbuster or Rogers for a movie. Their database of titles is as extensive as it gets, having almost anything you could want.

4. Spector’s Trade Rumors

Every hockey fan loves to hear a good trade rumor, and Spector’s is the place to go for them. He doesn’t report the silly rumors and trade happenings, but he posts what the legitimate reporters from around the world are saying about their respective teams, while giving his opinion on their validity. It’s long been one of my favorite sites.

3. The Internet Movie Database

It is the website for movie fanatics. “IMDb”, as it’s commonly known, contains everything you could possibly want or need to know about any movie out there. With cast listings, trivia, box office numbers, goofs and more, it’s a must-read after watching any movie. One of the most well-done websites on the internet, in my opinion.

2. TSN.ca’s NHL Page

They may have their problems with typo’s and being too focused on the Maple Leafs, but it’s still the best and most reliable website for NHL-related news and updates. It’s usually the first website I check out each day.

1. James Mirtle’s Blog

Hockey news is great, but news and opinions are better. Mirtle is one of the most intelligent and respected hockey-bloggers around, and his site ranks #1 for me. I only found out about it less than a year ago, but it’s quickly become my first stop for opinions and views on anything happening in the hockey world. He knows his stuff and while remaining professional and un-biased, he still gives his honest opinion on every issue, every time. My favorite blog and website on the ‘net.

Honerable mention also goes to: YouTube, DVDActive, Flickr, Future Shop Online and Jes Golbez’s Hockey Rants.


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  1. I’m positively flattered.

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