Remember This… ?

April 10, 2007

pogs.jpgPogs. It’s hard to forget that hugely popular fad that came just as quickly as it left.

I still remember the first time I saw these cool little round cardboard pieces. It was at a hockey card show when I was about 11 or 12, and a vendor had a small selection of them. He told me they were huge in Hawaii, and that he thought they would be coming to Canada sometime soon. He explained the game, and it sounded cool, so I bought a small setup.

A year or so later the boom hit, and pogs were everywhere. The game started in the 1920’s in Hawaii, where people would use milk bottle caps to play the simple game. In the 90’s, they were introduced into the general public, using designs based on pop culture hits, TV characters and even sports stars to sell them.

These were hugely popular in my school, as they even allowed all the kids to use the Gym at lunch hour to play. Pogs were eventually banned at my school (and several all over North America) as older kids were stealing pogs from the younger kids, and it was causing too many fights and problems. That was the main cause to pogs becoming basically extinct.

Either way, it was fun while it lasted, and I’ll always remember my tube filled with various pogs and “slammers”.



  1. I still have my huge collection of them at my cottage. Thanks for bringing back the good memories Matt.

    *daydreams about his days as a pog player*

  2. I used to play pogs with the kids in the neighbourhood. As soon as the fad was over I felt the geek and of course Jef thought I was a huge loser for playing as well. I only played a couple of weeks or so with the kids I used to babysit and their friends. Yep, giant loser.

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