My Top 12 Favorite Computer Animated Films

April 11, 2007

I’ve always been a huge fan of CGI (or computer animated) films. Most of them have a great story, amazing animation, vibrant colors, and are usually pretty good movies.

This was a hard list to narrow down to only 12, as it could have easily been a top 20 list.

iceage.jpg12. Ice Age

From imdb.com: Set during the Ice Age, a sabertooth tiger, a sloth, and a wooly mammoth find a lost human infant, and they try to return him to his tribe.

Ice Age was a type of CGI film that we hadn’t seen yet, as most had centered around bug’s or toys. The animation isn’t quite up to par with Pixar, but it was good in it’s own right. The squirrel has to be one of the funniest characters I’ve ever seen. Such a great little side story in the movie.

shrek1.jpg11. Shrek

From imdb.com: An ogre, in order to regain his swamp, travels along with an annoying donkey in order to bring a princess to a scheming lord, wishing himself King.

Being ranked 11th doesn’t sound that great, but almost all of these films would rank in my top 50 all-time list. Shrek was an absolutely hilarious and smart film, and I think it’s as much of a film for adults as it is for kids.

overthehedge.jpg10. Over The Hedge

From imdb.com: A scheming raccoon fools a mismatched family of forest creatures into helping him repay a debt of food, by invading the new suburban sprawl that popped up while they were hibernating…and learns a lesson about family himself.

I really liked Over the Hedge. The voices are great, and one of my favorite scenes involves Steve Carell’s character being on Red Bull. This is a great family film, and although it doesn’t have quite as many adult orientated jokes it in, I still found it very enjoyable.

shrek-2.jpg9. Shrek 2

From imbd.com: Princess Fiona’s parents invite her and Shrek to dinner to celebrate her marriage. If only they knew the newlyweds were both ogres.

Shrek 2 was one of the those rare movie, in where the sequel is better than the original. This was in big part to the new stand-out character, “Puss in boots”. Hilarious film. Looking forward to the new upcoming movie, “Shrek the Third”. I’m not sure if it will be able to out-do this one, though.

cars-dvd.jpg8. Cars

From imdb.com: A hot-shot race-car named Lightning McQueen gets waylaid in Radiator Springs, where he finds the true meaning of friendship and family.

I am a huge fan of Pixar films, and I looked forward to this film in a big, big way. I think it managed to live up to my huge expectations. I’m not a Nascar fan, but I still really enjoyed this movie. It’s a really good story, with a good message behind it as well. Great film for kids and adults.

happyfeetmovie.jpg7. Happy Feet

From imdb.com: Into the world of the Emperor Penguins, who find their soul mates through song, a penguin is born who cannot sing. But he can tap dance something fierce!

I loved March of the Penguins, but I liked this animated “adaption” just as much. It has a great story, funny and incredibly cute characters, and the animation is amazing. It was rightfully the winner of the best animated film in 2006.

toy_story1.jpg6. Toy Story

From imdb.com: A cowboy toy is profoundly threatened and jealous when a fancy spaceman toy supplants him as top toy in a boy’s room.

For a film that was made twelve years ago, the fact that the animation is almost up to par with movies made today is simply incredible. This was the first ever CGI film that I saw, and it started my love of them. A great story and something, as a young boy, you always wish would come true.

monstersinc.jpg5. Monsters, Inc.

From imdb.com: Monsters generate their city’s power by scaring children, but they are terribly afraid themselves of being contaminated by children, so when one enters Monstropolis, top scarer Sulley find his world disrupted.

Monster’s, Inc. is almost the forgotten Pixar film. It was popular, but not up with there with some of the other gems such as Toy Story or Finding Nemo. I think it should be. It’s an excellent film, in both writing, animation and voice acting.

toy-story-2.jpg4. Toy Story 2

From imdb.com: When Woody is stolen by a toy collector, Buzz and his friends vow to rescue him, but Woody finds the idea of immortality in a museum tempting.

Another rare achievement, as I found Toy Story 2 to be better than the original. Barely, but I did like it slightly more. The animation improved slightly, and I liked the storyline a little more. Such a great movie, and I can’t believe it’s already 8 years old.

madagascar.jpg3. Madagascar

From imdb.com: Spoiled by their upbringing with no idea what wild life is really like, four animals from New York Central Zoo escape, unwittingly assisted by four absconding penguins, and find themselves in Madagascar, among a bunch of merry lemurs.

Madagascar is the only non-Pixar movie in my top 6. It’s a hilarious film from start to finish, with as much laugh-out-loud moments as any movie I can think of. The penguins are great, Melman was great, and the lemurs were great as well. Such a wonderful film from beginning to end.

incredibles.jpg2. The Incredibles

From imdb.com: A family of undercover superheroes, while trying to live the quiet suburban life, are forced into action to save the world.

Although it is a slight rip-off of the “Fantastic Four” idea, it becomes it’s own film, and does a great job in doing so. I love superhero movies, and I love computer animated films, so the fact that I like this movie is pretty obvious.

finding-nemo.jpg1. Finding Nemo

From imdb.com: A father-son underwater adventure featuring Nemo, a boy clownfish, stolen from his coral reef home. His timid father must then travel to Sydney, and search Sydney Harbour find Nemo.

This is probably the most beautifully colored film I’ve ever seen. The animation is so vibrant and amazing, it’s often used as the sample film to show off big screen TV’s. So yes, it’s a visually appealing film, but that’s not what makes this film great. It’s one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen, and to be able to pull off funny with a “G” rating is a unique accomplishment. A great story, Finding Nemo is the complete package for not only a CGI film, but any film.

Honerable Mention goes to: Ice Age 2: The Meltdown, The Ant Bully, Open Season, A Bug’s Life, Shark’s Tale and Flushed Away.

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  1. Excellent list. Except I’d switch Bug’s Life and Madagascar. For some reason Madagascar wasn’t as funny as I thought it was going to be and I was a little disappointed in it. And I would definitely put Chicken Little in my list…but I don’t know what I’d replace. Maybe Happy Feet, but that would be a close call.

    I’d also definitely give an honorable mention to Monster House and Dinosaur.

  2. I completely forgot about Dinosaur. I don’t know where I’d put it… probably between 10th-12th. It was such a hard list to make. It was hard to leave out Ice Age 2, Open Season and the others I mentioned in my “honorable mention list”.

  3. I haven’t seen Open Season yet, it’s on the Netflix list.

    Since moving, I have fallen sorely behind on my movie watching.

  4. I’ve seen all the movies you mentioned and liked them all. The one I’d have to say I liked least would be Shrek 2 and the one I liked the most was Ice Age 2.

    The one I liked the most in terms of its soundtrack would be Cars. I’m a huge country fan and when I heard that both Brad Paisley and Rascal Flatts (along with non-country singers like Sheryl Crow) I had to get it.

  5. That’s a great list….I didn’t think Over the Hedge was that great, but I had set the bar too high….Nemo is still great to watch over again.

  6. Great list! I loved them all as well. I own most of them, since my kids like them. Really just gives me a chance to watch them. I think Incredibles would be number one for me. Not only beautifully animated, but a great story too.

  7. undoubtedly all of them are best in entertaining, but i m shocked that WALL-E isn’t mentioned.
    RATATOUILLE & Bugs Life also deserve to b in the list.
    But still an excellent list.

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    “No problem at all. I just observed your safe driving and am pleased to award you a $5,000 Safe Driver Award. Congratulations. What do you think you’re going to do with the money?”
    John thought for a minute and said, “Well, I guess I’ll go get that driver’s license.”

    Happy April Fool’s Day!

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