I must have this!

April 12, 2007


If you’re like me, and you dream of coming home to a cold beer, a relaxing massage and a good movie, then you will want this chair.

It will give you a massage that differs based on your mood and the type of music you are listening to. It has kneading, tapping, air and vibration massage. It not only massages your back, but your calves, legs and feet.

“Infrared sensors will scan the curvature of your body, detecting the exact acu-points unique to each individual, and added shoulder adjusting”, says the website that sells the product.

It has an integrated DVD player with hi-fi earphones and loudspeakers. It also comes with a multi-function color LCD control panel, that allows you to easily control all of the functions that the chair is capable.

There is also a drink tray.

Like I said in the title, I must have this.



  1. even I want this…i’ll love to have this 🙂 have already mentioned bout it in my blog…its wonderful

  2. They have them at the Brick! (minus the LCD control panel)

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