My Top 10 Favorite Goalie Masks

April 12, 2007

I’ve always been fascinated with Goalies, and one of the coolest things about a goalie, is their mask. I remember how excited I was to get my first painted mask. Over the years, there have been several really cool masks, and I’ve decided to put together a Top 10 list of my all-time favorite goalie masks.

10. John Vanbiesbrouck


His nickname was “Beezer”. In this mask it features the cityscape of New York (the team he played for), and there are little “bee’s” flying around. Get it?

9. Hannu Toivanen


Toivanen’s mask is a tribute to Denis Lemieux, the goalie in the “Slap Shot” movie. I like how it’s painted to look like he’s wearing the old style mask, by painting ears and hair right onto the helmet.

8. Stephane Fiset


It’s a simple design, but I like it. A wall of ice blocks. Very cool.

7. Gilles Gratton



That is one hell of an intense goalie mask. Imagine coming down and shooting on a goalie wearing that?

6. Ed Belfour


Belfour got his nickname, “Eddie the Eagle”, because of his mask. He’s used the same design since the early 90’s, and even though I can’t stand Belfour, his mask is a classic.

5. Corey Hirsch


Corey Hirsch was one of my all-time favorite goalies (don’t laugh), and I’ve always loved the mask he used near the end of his Canucks’ career. It pictures the haunted house from the Alfed Hitchcock movie, “Psycho”.

4. Blaine Lacher


I almost painted this design on my mask back in the mid-90’s. I loved Blaine Lacher and although this is a crappy picture and doesn’t really show off the mask, it was one of the coolest masks of it’s time.

3. Gerry Cheevers/Steve Shields


The original “designed” mask was this awesome Gerry Cheevers creation. He started putting a scar mark on his mask every time a puck hit him in the face, to show what would have happened had he not of been wearing the mask. The second picture above, is of Steve Shield’s mask from a few years back, which is obviously a tribute to Cheevers.

2. Brian Hayward


Brian Hayward was one of the first goalies to do this style of mask. I was probably about 8 or 9 years old the first time I saw it, and I remember thinking it was the coolest thing I’d ever seen. I had a huge poster of the mask on my wall for a few years.

1. Andy Moog


My team has the same color pattern as the Boston Bruins, so I was always interested in what the Bruins goalies would use for equipment. When I saw this paint job, I decided right away that it was the one I wanted on my helmet. It was such a cool design, and it matched our jerseys and color scheme perfectly. I had the mask for nearly 10 years, and after all this time, it’s still my favorite goalie mask.

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  1. Great post! And awesome pics. I’m something of a goalie mask collector.

    I actually bought a few masks from the site you pulled the Gilles Gratton vintage mask.

    I bought the Larocque, Dryden, and Cheevers reproduction masks from him. Moulded with updated materials (carbon-fiber, kevlar, and fiberglass) and guaranteed not to crack. Although wearing them might not be the brightest decision. Very poor visiblity, and slightly unsafe 🙂

    But man, do they look cool!

    For game play, I use Olie hybrid (Mask/Cage) both with manufactured Spider-Man designs. I have a white and black version. I also have a red version made by Fusion. Olie makes one of the best constructed masks on the market, and I’ve never felt as safe as when I started wearing that mask.

  2. Great choices man. I love all of those. My favorite is the same as yours, Moog. I remember your killer Moog mask when you were playing as a youth. My no.2 has to be the Haunted House mask of Hirsch’s. Another one that I really liked that didn’t make your list was Kirk Maclean’s Scottish crest mask. Amazing Mask. You should post that one as an honorable mention.

    Great choices!

  3. So you like Beezer’s better than Richter’s?

  4. I like Richter’s a lot, too… but I liked Beezer’s better. Richter’s just barely missed being on the list.

    And Tyson… I *almost* put McLean’s on the list. His was actually one of my favorites… I’m now somewhat surprised with myself that I didn’t put it on the list.

    Here’s a picture of McLean’s (although this one doesn’t have the cool horse on it, but it gives you an idea of it.). As simple as it gets, but it’s still classically great.

  5. Nice post! I have one nitpick though. It’s Brian Hayward, not Haywood.

  6. Shit, how did I mess that one up? Thanks for the heads up.

  7. Watch out, Eddie might offer you a BILLION dollars to like him. I heard he got arrested again last week, I’d hate to be the cop to pull him over.

    There is something creepy about Jacques Plante’s masks… You should do a weirdest mask list.

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  9. I love Andy Moog as well as his boston mask

  10. So great to see so many Andy Moog Fans!! I thought we were a dwindling breed.

    I agree with you all, his mask is the best I’ve seen. For years I played only ball hockey and my mask was identical to his, but since I made the jump to ice hockey, I’ve been searching for a new design for my new mask as I hung my old one up in my bar. It seems I can’t find any better. Any one have any ideas??

  11. Missing: Mike Liut mask, the all-white one while in St. Louis. Baddest mask ever.

  12. … how can you not have best mask of all time on this list. Felix Potvins.

  13. Pfff…the two best hockey masks by far are Curtis Joseph’s mask (with Cujo, the rabid dog from the STeven King novel) and Olaf Kolzig’s mask (Godzilla breathing fire. what more can you ask for?). That’s a pretty disappointing list altogether.

  14. What about the mask from Youngblood…the Thunder Bay Bombers goalie. Can’t find a pic online. I’m still looking though.

  15. what about patrick lalime’s ottawa senators (marvin the martian) mask?

  16. awesome post – i love Toivanen’s tribute mask to denis lemieux

  17. immediate disqualification for any positive comments relating to belfour.

    there are def a few more great ones out there right now…they’ve become so elaborate…i do wish i liked nabby’s. check out the SI article…it was fun to see some of those close up:


  18. How about Felix “The Cat” Potvins’ mask. An all time classic in my book. Love the cat.

  19. Have you checked out my father in-laws mask, the cobra Simmons for LA? ? ? ?

  20. wtf you knobs where is cujo

  21. I enjoyed this greatly, but was a little disappointed when CUJO’s mask wasnt listed. I was really hoping to see it at number 1. I used to love watching him when he was with the Blues

  22. What about Darren Pang’s mask with the indian headdress. I’ve never seen a better paintjob.

  23. Lalime’s Marvin the Martian was pretty funny back when he was with Ottawa.

  24. potvin had a dope mask and pads on the leafs…
    cujo has a classic mask…

    and i think it was cujo who had this type of mask when he was on edmonton…but i cant find a picture of it…
    it was blue with orange oil…one of my favourite masks of all time…

  25. found it

  26. Gerry Cheevers mask is the mask that got me into painting goalie mask and custom helmet paint. I started by painting my CCM Street hockey mask with some rebberized paint when I was a kid.

    I am glad that the NHL has allowed goalies to expres themselves through there masks, and not clamped down on it like so many other sports that have helmets.


  27. Hey Guys, Great site! I was wondering if anyone remembers, I think it was the late 80’s before the arrival of Mike Richter, for one game The Beezer switched from his caged helmet to a painted mask, this was well before the 92 season where he had two painted masks, the one with the red swirls and then the awesome NYC skyline. I beleive he wore it for one game and didn’t like it and then went back to the cage for a number of years. The game might have been against the North Stars, I cant recall. But in the month of remembering the “birth of the mask” I was wondering if you had any recollection.

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