Wow, what a game

April 12, 2007


Well, that was a long night. The Canucks vs. Dallas playoff game #1 last night finally ended at nearly 1:00am. The game was tied 4-4 after the end of regulation time, and then took another FOUR overtimes before the next goal is scored. To put that in perspective, the Canucks played two full games plus an additional period. They must be dead tired tonight.

A few points I noticed about last night’s game:

– First, Dallas deserved to win the game. The Canucks were the better team in the 1st period, but for the second half of regulation, Dallas was the much better team. The Canucks were horrible in their own end, and I have a huge respect for Dallas after that game. Their forecheck and work ethic is incredible. They are a much harder working team than I expected.

– Marty Turco is like a 3rd defenseman. Wow, can he ever play the puck. His quickness at stopping it and making a great play with it is uncanny. The ‘Nucks have to keep the puck away from him, and try to softly dump it into the corners so Turco can’t play it.

– Dallas did a great job to contain the Sedins during regulation. That had one of the least effective 3 periods that I’ve seen from them all year. But their line was dynamite in the third and fourth OT, and you just knew they were going to eventually put one in. A great goal by Henrik Sedin to win the game. I expected the game to end on a garbage goal, but that was a beauty.

– Markus Naslund played the best game I’ve seen from him in a long, long time. He scored a goal, had an assist, was responsible defensively, and even laid out a few huge hits. This is when he has to shine. He had a horrible regular season, and it’s a clean slate for him now. He can completely redeem himself if he comes out and actually leads this team with games like last night.

– I was shocked to see Kesler back for game 1. He had a pretty great game (or games, rather), and having him back was a huge bonus especially considering both Cooke and Burrows left the game via injury. I really hope they’re back for the next game, as they are two pretty important cogs in the wheel.

– Jan Bulis has a pretty good game. All year, I’ve been down on him. But he played a good, hard game, and created some scoring chances. Jeff Cowan could have been the best player on the Canucks. He kept the energy going ALL night, and his play helped energize the Canucks in overtime, which I think really helped them keep the effort going. He was hitting everything in sight, and you could see how much it was effecting the Stars’ defense. Huge game from Cowan. He impresses me more each and every game.

– Luongo broke a record for most shots faced and saves made for the Canucks. Even though that fourth goal was incredibly weak, he came back and strong and made all the saves he needed to make for the rest of the game.

It was a great game, and I’m tired as hell today, but it was well worth it. The game ended up as the 6th longest game of all time, and the 3rd longest of the modern era (post-Original Six).

I can’t wait for Game #2! Go Canucks!



  1. I’m so tired today, and I wasn’t even playing 😉

    I agree with your Cowen statement, what an addition he has been to the team. Great speed, energy and grit … gotta love this guy.

    Quite the epic overtime battle, both teams playing safe defense not wanting to make a mistake that would end it. Text book beautiful Sedin goal to end the game, glad we were able to get some momentum back.

    Game 2 on Friday should be a great one.

  2. Matt

    I followed your link from the Scobleizer blog.

    Your blog banner is slick – from one keeper to another, that is some great technical form bro!

    I just started using the Reebok 2K SR goal stick – I used to use the Bauer 1000 (black one, hated the white) – bought a dozen after the black ones were discontinued and I was down to my last one before I tried the RBK. The transition has been quite sweet – very light, and nice comfort on the shaft with the rounded edges.

    Although the one knock is that I don’t find the durability of the RBK goal stick being all that great. Granted, I do play quite often (4-5 times a week) and play the puck quite a bit. I just find that after 5 or 6 games in with some practices, the flex on the blade doesn’t hold up and isn’t as good for long clearing passes.

    A quick link that you should definitely check out if you already haven’t:

    What Canadian hockey goalies do in the off-season.


    And here is a profile I set-up on MySpace recently to do some online fundraising for an important cause:


    As for last nights game between the Canucks and Stars – Wow is right! I confess that I wasn’t able to stay up and watch past the 3 periods of regular play. But these two teams are so evenly matched (have had 4 RS games with all of them resulting in a 2-1 score). This is going to be a tough series for both these teams. Hopefully the fatigue won’t factor into the next round matchup when Vancouver advances.

  3. That was an awesome game! One more shot and Luongo would have tied Hrudey’s record for most shots in a game.

    I agree that Dallas was the better team for most of the game. Most of their shots were perimiter shots but they did have traffic in front of the net. Two of their goals came this way and it looked like they would end overtime the same way.

    Naslund looks exactly like I thought he would which is why I picked him where I did in the pool. I think the Canucks are going to have to step it up from the back end if they want to win this series, although the Luongo factor is very very high.

  4. Another thing I just found out. Cooke has the groin strain. Luckily it sounds like it was only a strain and he could be back sooner than later. Burrows could be back next game but Kesler is done at least until the Cup Finals with a broken finger. Lame, Kesler looked great.

  5. Dallas is done…it will be hard to recover from that tough a lose.

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