The best thing to happen to ugly girls since alcohol

April 14, 2007

sunglasses.jpgI don’t have a problem with “big sunglasses”. Most attractive girls will still look good wearing them.

But I can see why so many girls are jumping on the big sunglasses wagon. I mean, if you aren’t what most people would call attractive, just throw on a pair and these, and POOF, it’s magic. Half your face is covered up, and well… half the ugly gets covered up, too.

You can walk down the street wearing these, and guys will point and go “oh, she’s wearing trendy big sunglasses, she must be hot!”

I just find it pretty funny. Make-up, wonder bra’s, hair extensions, big sunglasses… girls are doing whatever possible to cover up how they really look.

It’s really quite crazy how far women will go to look as different from their natural self as possible.



  1. I do find the first half of the post hilarious and I definitely laughed at it for a few minutes.

    Just a kind reminder, though, that half the reason why girls spend so much time, effort, and cash on trying to look good is because we are socially conditioned to think that we are only worth what our face and our bodies suggest. It sucks, but it’s true.

  2. it’s true and I agree with you .
    I call them the ‘I-am-ugly’ sunglasses 🙂

  3. haha! this blog is awesome!!!

  4. Haha why thank you

  5. Yeah, it’s because men aren’t smart enough to judge women based on their personalities yet. Women feel pressured to be made up all of the time (not this one though, heh) otherwise they get called homely hags.

    Ever wonder why so many unattractive men are with gorgeous women? Even in movies you see older (uglier) men with beautiful young women. It’s the way society is and has always been. There’s tons of pressure on women to pluck eyebrows, wax hair, etc. etc. And when they don’t, they get called names.

    Don’t laugh at the women, when the men are part of the problem too.

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