Canucks win Game 3

April 16, 2007

bulis.jpgCapping off a great weekend, I got to see the Canucks win Game 3 in overtime. Game 3 was much, much better than the horribly boring Game 2, which the Canucks lost 2-0.

After 2 periods, I was starting to think it was the same team all over again. No offense, no sense of urgency… basically it just didn’t seem like they wanted to win. That, or Dallas is too good of a team. I have been impressed with Dallas’s forecheck, and defensive play. They are on you the second you have the puck, and the are great at holding up the neutral zone.

But the Canucks finally figured it out in the third period. The came out flying, and it seemed Dallas didn’t know how to react. Vancouver used their speed, and forechecked hard and put a lot of great shots toward Marty Turco. They were finally rewarded with Jan Bulis’ first goal of the playoffs. Bulis scored off a Jannick Hansen rebound.

Speaking of Hansen, wow is he ever impressing me. He has speed, grit, and  great ability at getting the puck to the net. He’s able to get 4 shots on net in each of his two games. He made some great passes, and his work in Game 3 allowed him to get his first NHL point.

The goaltending was once again the highlight of Game 3. Turco and Luongo both played great.

Before this game started, I said that whoever wins this game will win the series.  I sure hope that proves to be true.



  1. I had the Stars winning this series but the way the Canucks are playing I think I picked wrong.

    This is some great hockey in this series!

  2. Vancouver was built to win games like this. Look at their record throughout the season. They can win the close gritty contests, and it’s not always the most entertaining, but hey, if they produce a win, im happy

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