Movie Review: Children Of Men

April 16, 2007

childrenofmen_dvd.jpgThis was one of my most anticipated movies of the year (well, of 2006 I guess). I love the plot idea of this film, and am surprised we haven’t really seen it before.

The movie takes place in 2027, and the entire world has been infertile for 18 years, with the youngest living person being 18 years old. It’s a pretty scary thought, actually. In 2027, the entire world has pretty much fallen apart, except Britain. People are flocking to Britain to try and be apart of the only surviving country.

A miracle has happened, however. A young girl has become pregnant. So, of course, she is of huge importance, and must be kept alive throughout the obstacles the characters face in the film.

Like I said, I had huge expectations going into this film. I would say they were probably, if not very closely, met. The film was very good, and although slightly different than what I expected (less action and more drama), it didn’t make the movie any less enjoyable.

Clive Owen and Michael Caine are great in this film, as well as newcomer Claire-Hope Ashitey.

The film isn’t the action-fest that the trailers imply, but it is a great film, and does have a few pretty incredible action scenes in it. But overall, it is more of a drama/thriller than an action film.

I enjoyed the movie, and would definitely recommend it.

My Rating: 8/10



  1. Clive Owen rocks. I really liked this flick. Nice job on the review!

  2. I haven’t seen it yet, and wasn’t sure about it. The book was fabulous and lately, I’ve been disappointed in screen adaptions so had reservations about this one. But I love Clive and Julianne Moore regularly kicks ass so I may have to pick this one up. Good review.

  3. very good movie, the ending was a let down, but overall very good

  4. felt like 28 days Later without the zombies

    good flick

  5. nice wrap of the movie – i actually just saw it yesterday. despite not being filled with action, it did a good job keeping me on the edge of my seat!

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