Remember This… ?

April 16, 2007

variety-roll-ups.gifI remember when my Mom brought home a new treat called “Fruit Roll-Ups”. I had never had anything quite like them before. They were a lot like fruit leather, but had a much more candy taste. They came in cool colors like red, green or yellow instead of the not-so-pretty “poo” color of fruit leather.

They tasted pretty good as well, but I remember them being a pain-in-the-ass to un-wrap, and they were incredibly sticky. They seemed to take forever to chew, and you always ended up with bits and pieces of the roll-ups stuck in your teeth.

Later on, companies came up with the idea to have “punch-outs” on the fruit roll-ups. There would be little shapes or characters that you could punch-out of the sheet of roll-up. Throw a Ninja Turtle on a green fruit roll-up, and every kid wanted one.

I may be wrong on this, but fruit roll-ups eventually ushered in the invention of the much tastier “fruit snacks”.

I’m pretty sure fruit roll-ups are still around, although I haven’t had any in probably 10 years.

Some people also managed to be creative with fruit roll-ups, and along with twinkies created “Fruit Roll-up Sushi”, seen here:




  1. They’re definitely still around, I’ll have to get some for us next time! It’s funny, because I just came across that candy sushi, and I thought it’d be something fun to make. You can use marshmallows or little white donuts inside, with a variety of candy on top. Maybe next time Jason’s here I can make sushi!

  2. I was never a roll up fan. Sticky is an understatement! But I have to admit those fruit roll up sushi rolls look fantastic.

  3. Oh boy! These babies bring back some great memories… Rolling them around my finger and then sucking on it to a juicy, sticky pointy finger yumminess and I can still remember the red stain it would leave. And I’ll never forget getting in trouble in Kindergarten for taking a bite of the fruit-roll-up, plastic and all. Hey, if you can’t get the wrapper off, why not just eat it?!

  4. Hahaa… I do remember quite often you wouldn’t be able to get all the plastic off of it, and would just eat it as is. I did that quite often. When you’re a little kid, you just don’t care.

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